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Ain’t Yo Momma’s Apple Crisp…

By Cate @finally4ever

Hey y’all! 

Shannon and I have been exploring the world of baking lately, since we try to fill our afternoons with something fun that we can do together. I use the word “together” loosely since she usually loses interest in the first two seconds (duh) and I end up doing all the work while she reeks havoc on the rest of the house. It’s fun. 

Baking is easy, because you have a recipe to follow and it usually don’t involve knives.  Flour is easy to clean up. Last week we tackled cookies, and they came out much better than I expected. Since it’s “fall”, I decided that this week we would try to make an apple crisp! 

So how did it go? 

Well, by the numbers… 

 Total Shannon meltdowns: 4


Waiting is hard work… also…notice the critters in the background. This is my life, y’all.

Dog fights: 2 


Dance breaks, courtesy of this song (take those dirty judgy pants off right now!), this song, and this song. : Too many to count. We like to break it down. 


Jax is right to look so concerned.

Times that I said, “I really wish that I’d been taught to peel an apple.”: 5 (that’s how many apples I used)


Take note of non-peeled apples

Items that fell on the floor: 0 


Can’t imagine why…

Minutes that we spent “stirring” the crumbly stuff for on top: 15

Impressed cats: 0

Opportunities taken by Shannon to do things she knows she isn’t supposed to be doing while Mom is busy trying to figure out how to peel the damn apples: I’m not owing up to this one.  


Cutting boards melted when Mom pulled the finished product out of the oven: 1 (whoops…) 



Happy husbands: 1 


And yes. He knew this was going to be on the internet when I took it.

It actually turned out a lot better than I thought that it was going to, considering I have a pretty high bar to meet when it comes to recreating something that even SLIGHTLY compares to my mother-in-laws kick butt apple crisp that I dream about all fall. I hope that Shannon can (eventually) remember the fun we had concocting this stuff and it makes me happy to know that I don’t have to rely on my TV to keep the little one entertained. I wonder what we’ll come up with next week! I know that Mike isn’t complaining.


I’m off for a nap… I hope y’all have a happy Thursday!


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