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Afternoon Strolling

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
afternoon strolling(Black Niki Biki leggings, black Steve Madden Suede/elastic boots, infinity scarf, floral print mini skirt)
Things have been busy around here lately, and time has not been on my side! Personally, I feel that time is moving faster than ever before. The fact that it will soon be 2012 is crazy to me, I guess what they say is true- time flies when you're having fun. And fun is definitly what I am having, a lot of it actually! Last night I was invited to Volcom's annual ugly Christmas party, and as I usually don't go out on work nights I wasn't planning to attend, but I am sure glad I did! It was great to be surrounded by people all embracing their holiday spirit in the form of some pretty hideous (yet hilarious) sweaters. I, being Jewish, do not own an ugly sweater (or anything ugly for that matter), but I did score a pair of light up antlers that were quite a hit at the party! When I arrived home from the shindig, I was feeling quite tipsy & decided I should lay out my outfit for today so that I catch some extra ZzZzZ's in the AM. I grabbed my favorite DIY cutout shirt, a cute floral print mini, my go-to comfy tights, and my new suede boots. Tada! I feel comfy & cute, which is a good thing since I am going to an art show after work. afternoon strolling
afternoon strollingafternoon strollingafternoon strolling(Photo Credit to my girl Brittany)

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