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Add Bling to Your Baubles!

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Add bling to your baubles! It's no secret that Christmas trees and baubles go together like egg and nog!  It's also well known by shrewd mums that there are plenty of cheap and cheerful plastic versions that make your tree smile without making your wallet-watching husband frown!
That said, a whole tree full of 'plain' baubles is well... plain.  So why not make at least a few of your baubles "sing with bling" with this super fast and affordable way that even the kids can join in.
{And even though you can't see it, I'm smiling like a mad lady as I type, because I just remembered a long ago post I wrote about Mimi when she was 2... she came around the corner with a face covered in sparkles and said "don't like Santa-balls"... he he... you can read the whole post here.}

Here's how to add bling to your baubles:
  • Buy a packet of plastic baubles.
  • Buy a packet of dollar-store plastic / toy gem rings.
  • Slip the rings over the bauble strings.
  • Hang the baubles.
Yes, the baubles do spin and the gem on the ring may not always be front-on... but hey... when all the other decorations are on the tree it would be a pretty picky neighbor who pointed out a problem with Santa's balls...(so to speak)!
Keep decorating everyone!

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