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Active Life Premium Calf Compression Sleeve {Product Review}

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Happy, happy Friday!!  I hope you all have had a great week and are adjusting to the time change and embracing those extra daylight hours!!  So, to wrap up the week I have a fun post for you.  So, for those of you who have been following me for a while, you know my love of all things compression. Sleeves, socks, tights, you name it, if it’s compression, there’s a pretty good chance I will love it.

Well, I received an email a month or so back asking if I was interested in testing out a new brand’s compression sleeves and I couldn’t type yes fast enough. I mean, compression is to runners as air is to breath, right?

The Active Life sent me a pair of their Premium Calf Compression Sleeves in black. They only come in two sizes, size M-L (Calf circumference 10.5″-13.8″) and size L-XL (Calf Circumference 13.8″-17″), I got a medium. The came in this small little package and had a note from the company’s owner Jim.

active life

I ripped open the bag and pulled out my new compression sleeves. I was excited I got sleeves because I have 6 or 7 pairs of compression socks, which I love, but only one other pair of sleeves and I like running in sleeves better in the summer time.


The sleeves went on really easily and there are no seams that aggravate my skin–always a plus for me!  I tested these sleeves out 3 times before I wrote this review just to ensure there was nothing that happened after a few uses/washes that I should tell you about.  But, everything was great!  I also took a few pics of me wearing the sleeves, but I think when I did my last transfer of pics from my phone to the cloud, they were accidentally deleted and I couldn’t find them in my back up


Anyways, on to more important issues, the sleeves washed well and felt great on. For those of you who have trouble getting your socks/sleeves on at times (I have literally hit my face before with the force of trying to get my socks on) the Active Life website has an awesome video to show you the easiest way to put on compression sleeves, I tried this and it is a game changer for me–it make it so much easier to get my sleeves on!

For those of you who don’t wear compression (GASP!  Just kidding) These are graduated compression sleeves that many runners, athletes and others use to help boost circulation in your legs so that you can warm-up faster before and cool-down faster after a run or strenuous workout and expend less energy while doing your workout, which of course helps to reduce pain/cramping in your legs.  It is believed by many athletes (although the science out there is still inconclusive) that compression gear helps you to recover faster after runs/workouts, helps decrease muscle fatigue and can help to alleviate shin splints.  Some people wear compression during workouts, some after and some do both. When I am in training for marathons, I do both, wear socks/sleeves during my workouts, shower and put another pair on for the rest of the day as I recover.

Some things I particularly like about this company and it’s products:

  • They have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Every time you use your calf compression sleeves by The Active Life, you’ll know that they are guaranteed to last and are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee–I mean, you can’t really go wrong with that!
  • They also have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: They are so confident that you’ll love their sleeves that they’re backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love them ­ *for whatever reason* ­ they will replace them or give you back every cent. That means that you either love them, or they’re free!  Again, there aren’t many companies that do this or don’t try and give you the run around first.

The best part of these sleeves is not only are they comfortable and work well, but they are super affordable and you can buy them directly through Amazon here.  I paid over $50 for my first pair of compression sleeves, I am glad to see that companies are making more affordable options now for runners, especially those of us who like to horde compression gear!  The only downside to these sleeves that I can find is that they only come in plain black right now. I would love it if they start offering other colors/patterns, but that is my only negative so far!

***I was given a pair of compression sleeves to test free of charge and provide a review on this blog.  As always, all opinions are  honest and 100% mine***


Question of the day

Compression socks/sleeves/etc–yay or nay?  Do you have a favorite brand, style, etc?

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