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Accept the Things You Can Not Change

Posted on the 23 March 2016 by Dave Nevue

It's not only about changing back, sometimes you just have to accept the things you can not change. Child birth does a lot of things to your body. Some things will go back to normal without you having to do anything at all, other things will go back to the way they were if you work on them, but some things will just stay as they are no matter how much effort you put in trying to change them, no matter how hard you think about those changes, no matter how much time you spend worrying about them, feeling sad about them. So here is a post about accepting the things you can not change in order to be able to focus on all of the things you actually can change.

Don't waste time and energy on starring on your stretch marks and loose skin. Time could help, surgery might help, worrying and thinking about it will not help. Don't feel sad about your new pair of breasts. They look different. Deal with it. Not by feeling sad about them, not by running to the surgeon for implants. Deal with it by accepting them as a part of you.

Excessive belly fat, stubborn pregnancy weight, weak core, weak back, flat butt, weak arms, skinny legs, pore posture, weak pelvic on it!! Focus on the things you can change. Not only to get a toned body. Do it to stay strong and healthy for life.

Again, accept the things you can not change and fight to change what actually can be changed.

//Nicole Hellgren

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