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About New Bigfoot Posts

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Calvinthedog

I am sorry but I am so swamped these days with new Bigfoot news in this constantly ever-changing story that I have been unable to write a new post. I am also buried with constant new comments, people coming to talk on Facebook and keeping up with the story on  Randy’s site. Also my back has been absolutely killing me these days and it completely unmotivates me from writing or doing a lot of other things for that matter.

In addition, I am sleeping most the day for some reason, but I am also staying up all night too for some reason. If I stay up in the daytime, I am more likely to write new posts. In addition, my personal life is becoming rather wild and full of a lot of chaos and drama which I should not into too much detail about as TMI. It’s not a bad situation really, just a live dangerously thing, eh? Kind of like when life becomes like a scary ride at the fair?

So I am just throwing in updates as I get them into the comments thread of the latest post. Look for my comments on the right side of the blog where new comments appear. When you see my name, click on the comments. Or just comment on the site and subscribe to the comments for that thread. Then you get every new comment, including mine.

Sorry folks!

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