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About “Assad” and His “Sarin Gas Attack” That Never Even Happened

Posted on the 16 August 2015 by Calvinthedog

First of all, there was no Syrian government Sarin gas attack on Syrian rebels. The Syrian rebels shot some Sarin rockets at their own neighborhoods, but the doses were very low, and people only had small amounts of Sarin in their system, not enough to kill them. The Syrian rebels who shot the Sarin were Al Nusra or Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda had 600 kidnapped civilians that they were holding in that neighborhood, mostly Alawites and supporters of the government. Al Qaeda kidnaps these government supporters in groups of hundreds and then hauls them all over the country as prisoners. After they have had them for some months, sometimes they just kill them. Other times they ransom them out or release them.

Al Qaeda had a large building that they controlled where they had 600 prisoners holed up. On the bottom floor were gas tanks that can be seen hissing gas out of them. Apparently the civilians were brought down to this room, tied up and left there to be killed by gas that was pouring out of the tanks. Photographs of these tanks exist. The symptoms displayed by the “Sarin victims” look absolutely nothing at all like Sarin poisoning, which instead looks completely different. Instead the symptoms displayed by the victims are consistent with a couple of gases such carbon monoxide and some others that elude me now.

After they were killed by the gas, they were brought upstairs to the roof of the building where they were wrapped in those white cloths you see in the photos. Quite of a few of the dead in those photos have other injuries. Many appear to have had their throats slit, so they may have been killed before they were taken down to the room, or maybe they were not taken down to the room at all. Another photo of the “Sarin victims” shows a whole family killed in a room. The photo reveals that the family was killed with gunshots and knives.

British intelligence soon figured out that the Sarin gas that was used (samples had been obtained) was not from the Syrian government. The Syrian government only had one kind of Sarin in all of their Sarin stockpiles. This Sarin had a completely different signature and looked like something someone would cook up in a bathtub. It looked a lot like a shipment of Sarin that was seized from Al Nusra in Turkey earlier. This incident shows that Al Nusra already had access to Sarin gas.

British intelligence issued its report on the Sarin gas about two weeks before Obama was to go to Congress with his request to bomb Syria. The UK and France were both on board for the bombing mission to destroy Assad’s army so Al Qaeda could come into power in Syria. The UK and France have been supporting Al Qaeda in Syria from the very start of this mess.

The CIA reviewed the report and told Obama that there was no evidence whatsoever that the Syrian government did the Sarin attack. Who did it? They didn’t know. But one thing was for sure, the Syrian government sure didn’t.

You might be interested to note that the Sarin gas attack in Damascus was done exactly one year to the day after Obama made his “line in the sand” speech saying that if Assad ever used chemical weapons, that would be a green light for the US to invade Syria and overthrow the regime. So exactly one year to the date after that, what happens? “Assad” attacks his own people with chemical weapons! LOL. What do you think Assad is? Suicidal? Assad’s people may be stupid, but they are not fools. There is no way on Earth that Assad would shoot chemical weapons at his own people one year to the date after he was told his government would be overthrown if he did it.

Israel played their crucial role just like they always do. Their espionage agency, Mossad, said that they had intercepted a call from the Syrian Defense Department about the Sarin gas supposedly taking credit for it. The call may have been real. Apparently the Defense Ministry received reports that Sarin had been used, and calls went out all over the network with Defense officials asking, “Who shot the Sarin? Did our guys do it? Did one of our field forces do it? Who did it? Who shot it?” They were mystified, as no order had been given to fire Sarin.

Mossad’s “intercept” from “Assad’s Defense Ministry” was splashed all over the papers of the West as surefire solid evidence that “Assad” fired the weapons. The “impartial and objective” Western media continued to slam away at this “‘Assad’ fired chemical weapons” story for months on end.

The CIA managed to convince Obama that the Sarin was fired by unknown parties, not “Assad.” So two weeks later, Obama went to Congress and said he had changed his mind about bombing Syria. The real reason was because he no longer had the fake Sarin evidence. However, even after Obama knew full well that “Assad” did not do the Sarin attack, he continued to ferociously attack the government for the crime anyway. In other words, Obama lied.

Seymour Hersh published two articles via his CIA and MI5 sources which prove conclusively that “Assad” did not do the Sarin attack. Hersh assumes that the Syrian rebels must have done it, but he offers no evidence of this as he has none.

Hersh could not find a publisher for his piece anywhere in the US “free press.” The American media was so free they wouldn’t even publish his stories! How’s that for free! He had a huge falling out with the New Yorker Magazine which he worked with as they refused to publish his piece. The New Yorker should be called the Jew Yorker, as it is stacked top to bottom with “liberal” Jews (whatever that means). The liberalism of most Jews stops where Israel begins. I assume the reason they refused to publish the piece has to do with Jewish politics, as the Syrian state is an enemy of Israel.

As far as why no one else would publish his piece, I have no idea, but the media Gentiles aren’t much different than the media Jews. The media Jews and the media Gentiles are all part of the US Deep State, and they are all extreme supporters of  Israel, which in a deep alliance with US imperialism and the US Deep State.

To this very day, the US “free press” apparently never got the memo from the CIA that “Assad” never shot Sarin gas at anyone. The US media continues to occasionally blare this story, although for the most part, they seemed to have dropped it for strange and possibly nefarious reasons. The US “free press” is far sleazier, and more wicked and dangerous than you could possibly imagine. The media is actually an arm of the Deep State itself and I would not be surprised if the US media knows all sorts of classified matters that it never lets onto. The US “free press” appears to be little more than a despicable propaganda arm of the US Deep State.

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