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A Young Lion Emerges ...

Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

Little Night Terrors, a trio from Leicester, have released their official new video for latest track, Young Lion. I've written about, bought from and been thoroughly impressed before and their latest efforts have had quite the same effect on me, though, they show remarkable changes from the previous work.
 Where Pocket Rocket began on a hefty synthesizer, Young Lion really doesn't. It has a simple riff, mixed with that of a beefy, powerful but equally as inoffensive set of drums ... Though, this is not to say that it's any less impressive.
This continues for quite some time and acts as a very stable foundation to build upon ... and the vocal seriously does that. That vocal, as always, has a fantastic raspiness that is so unique that it is almost palpable, but, and especially in the chorus, I can hear a real likeness to Noel Gallagher and his way with pronunciation and poise which made him one of the biggest and best today.
The choruses progression is quick, professionally Britpop-esque and happily taken whilst the quick witted lyrics are a pleasure to hear too, they know exactly what is to be done with a track and have portrayed it perfectly here.
It's no wonder that Little Night Terrors are getting themselves somewhere in this day and age. It seems that they truly enjoy their music and make a bloody good time of it for the listener too.
As always, I'm wishing them the best of luck and hope to hear more from them soon.

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