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A Wonderful View of What BALANCE Should Look Like…

By Jenrene

The Balance Puzzle

Do you have trouble balancing the  Balance Puzzle? Who doesn’t?

Just some very vivid reminders…

A Wonderful View of What BALANCE Should  Look Like…

Self – Care Exercise/Sleep

  • How’s my diet? * ‘
  • Am I Noticing When I need to just : “Be”?
  • How’s my sleep pattern? *
  • Noticing My Pace & Life Rhythm
  • Am I taking my meds?
  •  What’s on my mind before bedtime?
  • How’s my exercise?
  • Do I have TIME for REST?

Spiritual Energy level

  • Self – Awareness *Am I Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually Attuned?
  • Meditation Time… Making Room for it…
  • Do I have Peace in my Relationships?
  • Practicing Self Acceptance  (Instead of resistance…)
  •  Do I have ME –TIME – (Self Evaluation Time)?
  • Am I Seeking Inner Peace/Self Soothing?

Stability & Responsibility

  • How’s my Self-Acceptance barometer?
  • Am I Being Responsible for my Thought Life?
  • What & WHO are my supports?
  •  What am I responsible for, REALLY?
  • Am I choosing to RESPOND & not REACT?
  •  Am I on overload?/ Is My Plate Too Full?
  • Do I have STRUCTURE & Routine?
  • Am I Acquiescing? ( Yielding Without Protesting)

Am I AWARE of my patterns of behavior, attitudes and feelings?

  •  Am I daily re-evaluating my priorities?

Other Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What ‘season’ am I in? ( Is it time for the things I want or things I need?)
  • What are my TOP 3 Priorities today?
  • What are my NEEDS today? (Am I asking for what I want?)
  • What’s lacking in my world & with my disposition (Are my moods, cravings and personal challenges in sync?)

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