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A Walk to Remember

By Sheril @bsheril

Its really sad when we f***ed up with some things .It make our mind to think about the same incident again and again .It disturbs a lot? Why can’t we change this mindset? .Is there any way to get free from this??The answer is yes!! we do have some places nearby ,which makes us free….which gets back our childhood memories and to make us think those days are the best part of our life. I always used to visit the beach and take a walk along the sea shore and look at the seas for some time.. Which make my mind empty and make me to think about my future and come to a conclusion dare to face anything? This beach has seen me in all the way ….right from the beginning till now gone are the days when i come to beach with my parents. Every day we face lots of problem but its depends on you, the way you take it just throw away the problem and live the present and enjoy to the core

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity “Hippocrates

A walk to remember

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