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A Very Paleo Holiday: Day 6

By Uwbrooke

In the past 48 hours, I have… closed out the Christmas season at El Gaucho, booked three vacations, watched three movies, hung out with my wonderful family and opened more presents than one person should ever be given on a single day.  I also indulged in quite a bit of non-Paleo treats: red wine, champagne, biscuits and gravy, chocolate, and beer top the list of things that I probably definitely shouldn’t have had yesterday.  But I did.  And I survived had a LOT of fun.  More fun, in fact, than I have had at family get-togethers in a really long time.  I woke up this morning (on my second day off in a row!) with two 8-hour nights of sleep under my belt and, although I have a bit of a food hangover, I feel great.  So great that I’ve decided to end my cheat-based Paleo Hoiday scheme and dive right into sober January / 2013′s first Whole30.  Starting today, I am going full-Whole30.

I had planned to wait until January 2nd to commit to a month of Paleo-focused eating with absolutely no cheats… but then I got to thinking: why not today?!? After spending a month helping others celebrate 2012, I am sufficiently emotionally exhausted and ready to get my ducks in a row for an ambitious 2013.  There is no better time than right now to set a baseline for a year in which I’ve decided to vacation once a month, hit 13% body fat, and run in 5 marathons.  I’m still going to report back every day to let you know how I’m hanging in – including a full report when I jump in the body fat tank on January 3rd and when I return from DC after Inaugural Weekend.

So… here we go.  This is how Day Zero is looking -

8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at mom’s house.  It was weird waking up away from home, but I slept like a freaking baby.

CrossFit and a long run are on the horizon – I have a ton of energy piled up and it looks like it’s going to be dry today, so I’m doubling up on workouts.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and bowl of fruit
Lunch: leftover prime rib and roasted root vegetables
Dinner: roast chicken and root veggies

Let’s see… I’m going to Bali/San Diego/DC/Portland/DC/Vegas in the next five months.  And I’m in the middle of an actual weekend away from work.  And my mom just did my laundry.  Today is a very good day.

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