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A Very Big Thank You To...

By Ribbonsandbowsox @rebecc4dennison
Hello again! Fancy seeing you here! On Friday, I will have been running this blog for a week, but it feels like much longer! I want to dedicate this post to everyone that has helped me get as far as I am already. Not even a week on and I'm already getting tweets from the loveliest people telling me I'm doing a great job with my blog. I'm so thankful to two in particular, who have helped me and took the time to do so. This post is just to show how much I appreciate it, SparrowMint, and Beautysplash75.
beautysplash75A very big thank you to...
One of my first 'fans' I guess you could call it on blogger, was the loveliest girl, who goes by the name 'Beautysplash75'. I adore her blog, and she has helped me get the word out about my blog. I am thankful so much, that you have took the time to help me, even dedicate a bit of a blog post for me, and I am so happy with how everything has turned out, and I am so glad that we are friends! Thank you!
SparrowMintA very big thank you to...This girl is amazing! Her blog is fantastic, and she helped me with a lot of my blog design. She helped me with my blog button, she designed it, but her blog post about the blog button was so informative, and it helped me so much. I've been e-mailing her the past few days about things I am stuck with on my blog, and she has just done them for me because she is so nice! She even got her boyfriend to draw me an illustration for the side of my blog, which you may have noticed, and I think she is one of the nicest people I have talked to over the internet, along with beautysplash75.
Hope you enjoyed this post, and you should really check out these girls blogs, they're both amazing! I linked them where the writing is pink, so go and check them out!
Rebecca x

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