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A Tree

Posted on the 14 April 2020 by Hollis
A TreeQuestion: If Laramie stays below freezing, will Covid 19 die?*
Winter returned to Laramie. Our temperatures haven’t been above freezing for three days, and lows are in the single digits (ºF). But inspired by our founder Lucy Corrander, who is back as of this month (!), I went to LaBonte Park to look for a tree to follow. And that’s exactly what I found—a tree.A TreeA tree in LaBonte Park.
The shape and bark were appealing. I have no idea what kind it is but that’s okay—a pleasant surprise to look forward to when spring truly arrives.A TreeA TreeA TreeI decided to commit to following this tree, whatever it is. Too much uncertainty in life these days; a firm commitment feels good.
A TreeThere weren’t many human visitors in the park. Was it because Covid 19 had closed the picnic shelters and exercise stations?A TreeOr was it because it was 14º F? No! We’re a tough people!! I saw several dog walkers and a birder. Summer waterfowl are returning, migrants are passing through; there were gulls and ducks on LaBonte Lake. Next visit, I will carry binoculars. Hopefully it will be warmer.A TreeConsider joining us. Tree-following is fun and interesting, and in Covid 19 times, any tree or any tree article will do! More information here.
*Answer: Probably not. Coronaviruses generally are stable in a frozen state, surviving for up to two years at -20°C.

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