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A Story You Will Not Believe

By Brisdon @shutuprun

We’ve all heard those stories about a girl going to her senior prom, thinking she has to use the bathroom (i.e., move her bowels) and then she shockingly has a baby. In the toilet. I questioned if these girls really did not know they were pregnant or if they just were in such baby denial that they ignored it, hoping the little fetus would somehow climb on out and go find another family to live with down the road.

Having been pregnant myself a few times I’ve NEVER understood, nor will I EVER understand how someone could not know they were pregnant. I felt pregnancy in every cell of my being. I  was so nauseous I carried Saltines and a grocery “barf” bag on the floor of my car for months. My bedtime became 6pm instead of 10pm because I was so tired I could barely eat a Saltine. Then there was that little thing called weight gain (as in 40 pounds) and such intense fetal kicking and hiccupping that I was sure my body had been taken over by an alien. And then the titty fairy arrived! Good gracious…Oh, and not to mention a teeny bit of growth in my mid-section:


This leads me to tell you about the AYFK (Are you Freaking Kidding Me?) article I just read online.

It seems that a 33 year old woman, Trish, was training for Grandma’s Half Marathon in Minnesota. She went out for a two hour run on Sunday and had severe back pain following the run. The next day she ended up in the ER and – you guessed it – was 35 weeks pregnant. She had a 6 pound, 6 ounce baby girl the next day. She said she thought pregnancy was impossible because her husband had a vasectomy (awkward…)


I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a cynic, but I just don’t get it. We all view life through our own lens of personal experience, and I cannot imagine training for a half marathon and not realizing I was carrying a 6 ½ pound baby along with me. Not even if I was the most constipated I had ever been in my entire life.

Let’s just hope she didn’t celebrate every training run by having several margaritas. You wonder what kind of crazy readings she would have gotten if she wore a heart rate monitor during training.


How was pregnancy for you? Can you imagine NOT knowing you were pregnant?

For those of you who ran throughout your pregnancy (I did not – I wasn’t a runner back then) how different did you feel at the start vs. the end of pregnancy?


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