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By Ovid @OvidPerl
I've received a press release and yes I'm posting it, but it's useful enough for those reading this blog that you might find it interesting. Note that I'm doing this because I think it's useful. I was not offered money, nor did I ask any.
IslandX is a "Facebook for expats" and would-be expats (though I'm don't know that they would like this comparison). There are actually quite a few Web sites out there for expats but most of those are little more than discussion forums.
I think you'll find IslandX has some rough edges (hey, they're brand new!), but I love its focus.
If you sign up for a free account, add me as a friend and I'll add you back.
And while we're at it, you should follow me on Twitter, too.

Social networking site IslandX.com launches today to help you study, work or live abroad

A Social Networking Site for ExpatsIslandX, a new social networking site for people who want to study, work or live abroad, launches today, connecting the millions of people across the world that migrate each year. The free site is a one-stop-relocation-shop, with up-to-date knowledge on your destination provided by an extensive network of international members, making your move as easy and informed as possible.
Over ten million people migrate each year, and the International Office for Migration (IOM) estimate this will reach 400 million living outside their country of origin by 2050. At present, the internet is home to a confusing array of information sites, blogs, communities and guides about international living. The need to join this altogether and provide an easily accessible relocation resource is what led the founder, Marius Hjelset, to set up IslandX.
Marius said, “International migration is a hugely significant social phenomenon and a reality of globalisation. Migration has increased by nearly 38 per cent globally over the last 20 years, and this trend is set to continue. Our network will help the millions of people who want to take their first steps towards an international lifestyle”.
He continues: “Social networks have a role to play in helping people make informed life choices, and we want to provide a platform to address the current online relocation confusion. IslandX can help you find relevant, well-qualified information on places you want to move to while connecting you with international people in the process”.
The reasons for the dramatic increase in migration are complex, but strong drivers include demographic changes resulting in imbalances of labour supply and demand around the world, and the cyclical nature of the global economy. This combined with inexpensive international travel has fueled the increase.
Based in London and with connections across the world, an international team runs IslandX; they know a lot about living abroad, having each moved across many continents for study and work. In addition, the relocation website’s beta test has already attracted a global audience, with members spanning all seven continents, and ambassadors in key cities across the world: London, Toronto, Cape Town, Boston, Sydney, Istanbul and Berlin.

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