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A Savory Twist on Green Beans

By Yonni @vegandthecity

A Savory Twist on Green Beans

Can you smell the onions and
tomatoes simmering?

When I worked in Manhattan I used to frequent a wonderful Lebanese restaurant called Naya.  They had a wide variety of vegan-friendly foods but one I really came to love was loubie, a semi-sweet green bean and tomato dish.  Now the felafel, spiced red pepper muhumarra dip, smooth and creamy hummus and parsley-laden tabobuleh may sound much more interesting to you, but I really loved the loubie!
A month or so ago I had a gorgeous quart of cherry tomatoes and I knew I'd never get to enjoy them all before they rotted.  I decided to put them into a pyrex baking dish, whole, with salt to taste and a basil-infused olive oil (you can use regular olive oil and add a chiffonade of fresh basil) and I baked them at 400 until they were wrinkly and starting to char.  Once they cooled I placed them in tupperware and froze them.

A Savory Twist on Green Beans

The finished dish!

On Thursday I grabbed two large onions and sauteed them until they started to wilt, and into the pan I added the still-frozen tomatoes and lowered the heat to medium, stirring often to help them thaw.  Once they had, I raised the temperature again which helped the juices to thicken.
At the same time I took 2 pounds of green beans, sprayed them with a little pam and kosher salt and baked them at 400 degrees until they started to shrivel and lose some, but not all of their crunch. 
Once the beans were done, I added them to the saute pan with the tomatoes and onions, sprinkled in a bit more salt and cooked until it was all well combined.  The flavors were wonderful! It might have even been nice with a pinch of sugar to finish it off too, or a teaspoon of balsamic for a touch of tartness.  It's so versatile too.  It would be great with wild rice or over chopped lettuces with portobello mushrooms.  (My non-vegan company even liked it with their brisket!)
How do you like to enjoy your green beans? 

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