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A Rant About People Not Supporting Public Sector Workers.

Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Sephremers @ladystingray

A Rant about people not supporting Public Sector workers.

I am sorry but I just don’t understand why OUR society does not have any sympathy for teachers.  You all seem to be under some illusion they only work 7 hours a day and have hundreds of holidays off work. That it just ignorance!  They now have to work longer hours for the same money and they have to deal with pencil pushing knob-head government officials who make their jobs 50 times harder than they need to be. The same goes for the Police, fire fighters, nurses, bin-men (women), all public sectors jobs.

You’re lucky that you yourself and your children get an education to the standard that they do. But if this country carries on the way it is doing, and you work minimum wage, good luck finding a school, that you don’t have to pay for, which has less than 20 students in a classroom. Because you will all be paying for every form of education if we continue this way, as well as paying for it in your taxes.

It’s not just teachers it’s ALL PUBLIC SECTORS. We are so lucky that people put their neck out every day to keep our communities clean, our children educated, our streets protected from crimes.  DO YOU KNOW JUST HOW LUCKY WE ARE? It should not be the public sector who has to pay for the governments fuck ups and the bankers greedy pockets. Just like it should not be the tax payers who have to pay for it too.

If we can’t even support our own people, how do you expect us to work as a country? Take a step back and look at what a great system we could all really have if we just for ONCE all actually supported each other and stuck it to the man!!

We should work together not against  each other.

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