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Austerity is Not the Way Forward

Posted on the 01 October 2012 by Sephremers @ladystingray

We need social solidarity.

Austerity is not the way forward

“There is no crisis that the capitalist can’t get out of if the working class is willing to pay for it” (Lenin)  .

To what extent are working people going to resist the economic situation that we are in. By working longer hours for less money we are reducing the power of labour power. Resistance is not futile, and we need to do something about it.

Whether you are labour or Conservative, Lib-Dem or Greenpeace…. We are all victims of the environment we live in…. Just because we get to vote, that does not mean that we are living in a democratic society.  Peaceful protesters can’t even act without being kettled, Protests are generally portrayed by the media as ‘youthful rebellion’. This is not true; an increase in Precarity seems to show an increase in police violence. Because our governments’ feel that they need to put us in our place, even when we try to speak out about our vulnerability.

They are making things worse, but we can improve it by refusing to play by their rules too. We must stand up to our governments, public spending must NOT be cut. We need to stop blaming higher taxes on fraud & immigrants. In 2011 benefit fraud for jobseekers was estimated at 3.4% which is approx. £150m.  While this may seem to be a lot, this issue is already being tackled by the government.  We should not be targeting immigrants either; the BBC reports that In the UK, Home Office research suggests that immigrants pay £2.5bn more in taxes than they take in benefits.

So the time has come for us to work together, in solidarity. We must start supporting each other and not pointing fingers at issues which are small in comparison to the real dangers we are in.

Let’s start by supporting one another, let’s not get mad at the immigrants, let’s not get mad at the people who are signing on, let’s not get mad at the people who are protesting to fight for our public services. Let’s get mad at our government destroying our country.

It is the politicians, the banks, the tax avoiders, and the amount we spend on military might, wars & weapons… These are the issues that need to be tackled. Not public spending, the working and the middle class.
(Written by Stephanie Remers 2012)

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