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Some Facts About #MargaretThatcher.

Posted on the 08 April 2013 by Sephremers @ladystingray
One less hypocrite hogging decreasingly clean air.
She is the personification of Marmite: either she is adored or vilified. I fall into the latter group. Few people, if any, have contributed more to the polarisation of wealth and power between the rich and the poor.


-She wanted to roll back the state, but drew hundreds of thousands of pounds as ex-PM:


-Her government spent billions on Trident, putting pressure on the Soviet Union to increase its own armaments:


-Thatcher (quite incredibly) supported the Khmer Rouge in keeping its seat at the UN, also using the SAS to help with their training:



-She supported, protected and campaigned for Pinochet (the torturous Chilean dictator):


-Her economic policy meant high unemployment, strikes, and low-growth for the first 10 years of her rule, as well as facilitating a transfer of power from the working class to the upper classes and financial sector, meaning prolonged stagnation of wages (which, alongside Reagonomics in the US, contributed significantly to the financial crisis of 2007 – 08):



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