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A Possible Witness in the Beaumont Children Case

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

This article is about the Beaumont Children case. You won’t understand anything I write here unless you understand the basics of the case. A good place to start would be Wikipedia or my original article. A fascinating case called the Adelaide Oval case, in which two young children were abducted from a big soccer game and were also never seen again, is quite probably related. Both crimes seem to have been committed by the same man, 6 years apart.

To this day, no suspect has been charged in either the Beaumont Children case or the Adelaide Oval case. The man or men who did these crimes got away with murder – with the murder of 5 young children.

A Possible Witness in the Beaumont Children Case

The suspect in the Adelaide Oval case, surely the same suspect as in the Beaumont Children case.

This is from the comments to The Beaumont Children article. In short, this woman, who calls herself Xlamb, claims that she and her siblings saw the dead Beaumont Children in the trunk of a vehicle in front of her father’s house after her father returned from Glenelg Beach in Australia on the day that the Beaumont Children were disappeared, or according to the witness, were killed.

A “Mr. X” was with him and apparently participated in the killings. Mr. X may now live in Southeast Asia and there is a group of people who say they are looking into him in relation to this case. It is one of the most famous unsolved cases in the history of Australia. Xlamb has been posting a lot in the comments section and she definitely has some enemies there who claim she is full of it.

I have no idea if what she is saying is true or not, as many people make claims like this years after the fact that turn out to be baseless.

What is interesting about her story is that this is not the first time I have heard it. I did a tremendous amount of research on this case, and in the course of it, I ran across a story about some children who claimed that they saw the dead Beaumont Children in the trunk of their father’s car, dead, on the afternoon they disappeared, a couple of hours after they were last seen. In fact, I may have seen more than one reference to this case. I believe these accusations may date back a number of years, possibly to the 1970’s or 80’s. In the write-ups I read, this theory was said to be one of the more interesting ones in this baffling case.

Identikit drawing of the suspect in the Beaumont Children case. Note resemblance to the Adelaide Oval suspect.

Extremely creepy Identikit drawing of the suspect in the Beaumont Children case. Note resemblance to the Adelaide Oval suspect.

Robert…Re-your comment 9/5/15 regarding hair. My father was a scuba diver, and always in the sea and at the beach, including lunch breaks while working at the Telephone Exchange/Jetty Road. His hair wasn’t so much long (Surfie type), but a mop of hair, thick, brown, with a heavy fringe. His hair lightened in summer months due to the bleaching effects of sun and salt water. As his fringe had a natural tendency to fall forward, it makes sense for a heavy fringe to be swept back when wet.

I have photos, same time frame, that will support this. Also photo of him at the beach, bare chest, same trousers, belt…and dressed the same as when he left our house mid-morning for the beach that day. We were outside, the phone rang, he went inside to answer it, came out (trousers, belt, towel).

A black car comes up the drive to collect him. I ask him where he’s going. He says he’s going to the beach, and for us to wait there till he gets back. I ask if we can come. He says no, he might take us to the beach later. So my father is correct (re-article 20/5/15), he didn’t have his car that morning.

Mr. X had come earlier in his yellow station wagon. He and 3 lads (one a neighbor) were heading to Glenelg to dive for coins off the Jetty. The night before, my brother had arranged to go with them, but our father suddenly changed his mind and stopped him going. Mr. X leaves without my brother.

I’m in the house. I hear a car door slam. My father returns approx. 2pm.. He walks in the front door. He’s covered in blood and sand. He heads up to the shower. He’s now wearing a T-shirt. (not bare chest). It was a distinctive T-shirt. I’d only ever seen Mr. X wear that particular T-shirt. He comes down from the shower and his mood is euphoric and talking fast.

Tells me he’s a hero, he’s very important, he rescued 3 sweet children, played with them. He said they were perfect children. A long conversation ensues. He says the boy had been injured, had a broken leg. I say “is that where all the blood came from”. His mood changes, he gets cross. He says he left them at the bus stop alive (he repeated it). It was an odd thing to say.I’d earlier question him on how the boy could catch the bus with a broken leg.

Mr. X arrives. The screen door’s latched. My brother let him in. There’s a conversation and it moves on from there, but there’s too many details to repeat, and not appropriate to do here. It’s too hostile here!

A lot happens in between, but the children are brought back in the boot around 4pm. There’s now other men. 3 in the car, 2 up the end of the street, a man and a woman drive past slowly. We spend what seems a long time at the open boot and going over what we’re shown/conversations, all of which is documented, taped etc. and also with Police. The boat’s hooked up to the back of the car. My sister is forced into the car.

You/others had previously speculated the possible involvement of 2 men.

Mr. X was age 20, not tall, spindly build and blonde, lived at Tod Street Glenelg with his Mother and sister. As I didn’t see who killed the children, I have to rely on what I witnessed. That my father said he left them at the bus stop alive is inconsistent with his arrival home at 2pm. covered in blood and sand. That he left bare chested, but wore a T-shirt belonging to Mr. X on his return, suggests they’ve interacted at some point I’d think.

I know the children were moved from the original disposal site a couple of weeks later (because my father told me).

It wasn’t the first time we’d seen our father handling cadavers though. It had happened before, but without all the fuss (this was different). Though he’s had decades to move any remains from the backyard, some might prove too difficult. Thus every tree, every bit of concrete will need to be ripped up. We don’t believe these 3 children were incinerated at the Edwardstown property as he/the article states. We’ve informed Police where they’ll most likely find them. They’ve known for a long time.

I have my Mothers case notes, autopsy report etc… No sign of trauma etc. to suggest rape, no breaks or bruising to suggest an attack. Cause of death said to be ‘natural causes’ age 34 (a ‘rape’ on it’s own, won’t kill either).

I have many records, photos etc. and these will support what we claim happened. That’s just a quick round up in what turned out to be a very long and harrowing day for us. I’m very sorry this happened to them, but it wasn’t anything my brother, sister or I did. Two of us are alive to say what happened on behalf of the children though.

In hindsight I thought you deserved a better response Robert…
Otherwise the bullies win!

I’m sure these matters will be resolved soon. It’s with Adelaide Major Crime, so it’s up to them now.

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