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A New Love…

By Jenrene

 A New Love…

 I fell in love this week with my job. I never thought l’d say that… that I would FALL IN LOVE with my job. But even greater than this…I believe I fell in love with my call to this world. I believe I found my purpose.

 OF COURSE, one is expected to love what they do…but to be “enchanted by its mysteries??” I don’t know…

 I went to a Women in Recovery graduation this week and was delighted with its  nuances. I literally saw lives transformed by God’s power.

 I really loved seeing transformation before my very eyes… I was reminded of a prophet in the  Bible who seeks out help  from the Lord about a valley of dry bones. Dry bones are real. They are evident in poverty,  desperation, sucicide, addictions,  hopelessness, a lack of peace, discouragment, broken homes, dysfunctional relationships, despair, mistrust, abandoment, rejection, hate,  divorce, continual frustration… and the like.

I felt as though  my calling and election had become clear.  I was reminded of a time in prayer when God said I had  been called to help determine the fate of others, and by nature of my mom’s side of the family, this gift had been  handed down. Everything from taking in people  and children into our homes, to accepting the unacceptable, to making sure someone had a place to stay, to helping them grow and develop into better human beings, this has been what we  have always done in our family of origin.

 A few years ago, my grandparents died within 17 days of each other.

 My grandparents death  meant a lot to me. I had an extremely spiritual connection with them as they passed & believed God spoke to my heart deeply about what they were leaving behind, spiritually.   I asked God for signs to  believe Him for some amazing this during this time and  God created a wonder. God gave me amazing spiritual knowledge  that helped center me in my decision-making.   Shortly after this - maybe months,  I went to South Africa. ( I was able to inform my grandmother before she left his earth I was headed there and I would speak to youth and attempt to bring them a greater hope. ) I was so happy I did.  I  came back with a name that meant: “Make Me Happy.”‘ Nthabiseng: a Sutu name  that  sounded like a name that demanded  something for others, yet proclaimed a greater identity for myself. I did something  in Africa I would never have imagined doing: I touched the lives of over 100  South African youth & helped them dream and determine to have influence in their own individual destinies. I spoke to the futility of the residue of generations old of apartheid, I spoke to suicide. I spoke to the desperation and hopelessness that exists in poverty.

 Another year or two later .. I did something again I NEVER thought I’d do.. I wrote a book. All about fulfilling your spiritual destiny.
 And now… I am helping women with addictions live an entirely different life for themselves & their families. And “I” was the product of one who grew up in a family of addictions.
 I  am so  fascinated with God because there’s so much more work to do. I have a vision to fulfill. I have dreams that must come true as a result of the FATE that has been passed onto me by my the nature of my ancestors. I have a destiny to fulfill. Life is so much bigger than we can ever imagine. A family heritage to proclaim.  A Family Deed to reclaim. A legacy to continue.  Selah.

A New Love…

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