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Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

Velociraptor, despite also being the name of a Kasabian song, are a band that I've had my eyes and ears on for a little while, though, I've been biding my time as to when I'd show them off - the time is now. They remind me of a few absolute greats in music and it's refreshing to see, despite simplistic lyrics, something fantastic in music happening again.
 One of two tracks I want to show you, Cynthia, is a particularly fun track. It opens on an edgy but happy guitar - an older style of music, like something The Beatles would make. Then, the vocal comes through and actually reminds me a bit of Tom Meighan of Kasabian.
It continues in this fashion throughout with the underlying keyboard/synth, mixed with incredibly trigger happy drumbeats to offer something quite brilliant ... which also carries a surf-pop vibe, like the likes of Best Coast.
As earlier stated, the lyrics aren't the most thought out, nor the most meaningful. However, when it's a track that seems solely made to dance and jive to, does it need those 'key' lyrics?!
Riot, the second and most recent of the two (I believe), offers quite the same intensity, though it is blatant in it's differentiation. The 'slow' intro, like in Cynthia, is unavailable and it jumps straight into an impatiently speedy track.
The likenesses to The Beatles & Kasabian are still there but sway more towards modern music like The Arctic Monkeys, than that of the old school rhythm The Beatles create ... Also, Best Coast's name is harder to incorporate here - I believe this is more a style of their own than something comparable.
The lyrics are as sattirical as beforehand too, with the main hook reading "I heard your joke it was a riot, and everyone was on the floor" in such a sarcastic tone of singing (I don't know how that works either, but it does if you listen) that you can't help but love its creativity and stupidity in jest.
Another newbie on the block - I hope this one lasts because they are particularly talented.

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