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A Look at Social Media’s Influence on #Infidelity

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

We learn “cheating” at an early age. Whether it’s cheating at a game or on a school exam it’s still wrong.

Then we grow older and enter into the world of dating. Oh, how happy we were when we got our first girlfriend or boyfriend! Once we got our first taste of what it was all about (SEX), we wanted more and from more than one person.

The hard part was…….ending the relationship. We might have learned how awful it is to end a relationship on television, in a movie, or watching our parents or our friends parents split up. We say how ugly and confrontational it could be.

So let’s not end the relationship, let’s just date someone else! Let’s have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends! We don’t need to account for our every move. We’re not married for God sake!

A Look at Social Media's Influence on #Infidelity

What one person doesn’t know can’t hurt them!

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Wrong! You are now a Cheater!

Eventually, your girlfriend/boyfriend will find out what is going on and it’s going to be uglier than if you would have just broke it off! Just Don’t Do It!

Enter the World Wide Web

The world wide web has made finding relationships fairly easy. From dating sites to social media sites, we can meet all types of people! It’s actually a fabulous thing, right?

Not Always

Enter the weak-minded person with little to any morals. Social Media is at your fingertips and you can find whatever you want!

Are you mad at your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse? Not to Worry! You can find another one right on the world wide web!

This is where the trouble begins! Let’s take a look at this infographic I stumbled upon.

Social Cheating: A Look at Social Media


Well, I never thought that flirting on Facebook or on Google+ could be means for a Divorce? Seriously? It was innocent flirting! Everyone does it!

Guess Again Stupid!

Do you remember when you were told that whatever you put on the web, stays on the web? That holds true for your Facebook flirting messages, your emails, and anywhere else you visit and enter information. THIS information is submissible in court!

Holy Shat!

The moral of the post is Don’t Be A Cheater! You cannot be sneaky on Social Media and get away with it. Someone will find out and someone will use it against you. Oh and don’t forget, all that lovey, dovey flirty messages could be printed out as well!

If you’re going to Cheat, end the relationship you’re in and move on. No one likes a Cheater. It makes you a Liar and a scumbag. Just because it’s easy to do with social media, doesn’t mean you have to. Walk Away!

Over To You

Have you experience Social Media Infidelity or know someone who has? If so, care to share your experience below with us? 

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