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A Little Push to Help the Little One Grow

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Parents are cursed with the worry syndrome the moment their child announces his arrival in this world.
It begins from the first second of the babies life.
He cries too much,they worry -and often cry with the baby.
He sleeps too much, they worry. They don't realize that this is the babies signal to them so that they can catch up on their sleep.
He drinks too little ,they worry.
He drinks too much they worry. Not realizing that nature has equipped the babies tummy with a signal,that will tell it how much to drink and when to stop.
I've seen mothers try to force feed babies, only to have obese tweens with a lot of complexes.
Then they try to control the diet and force that child to join aerobic lessons and Zumba classes....
Its a crazy situation.
And I've seen this so often . At home with my child and the children of friends and neighbors.
And also in my teaching career.
Average heights and weights are rare nowadays.
I've seen too short and skinny kids more often than not.
Especially with girls.
There are so many reasons
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