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A Little Lego Builder

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

August 21, 2013, admin, Family, Play, , 0

Little Mr A received lots of Lego for his birthday over the weekend.  Yesterday he insisted on doing some of the sets by himself.  He got himself sat down at the kitchen table and started on one of his Star Wars sets.  Usually he needs help to follow the instructions, however, I was amazed when he sat there and did the whole set by himself with no help whatsoever!   I have really noticed his fine motor skills improving so much recently.  It is also not like him at all to sit and concentrate on one thing for so long so this is a real achievement!  It seems my little boy is growing up fast!

2013-08-20 09.35.01
2013-08-20 09.35.05
2013-08-20 09.36.10
2013-08-20 09.57.57
2013-08-20 10.03.22
2013-08-20 10.03.25

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