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A Letter to You; It's Usually Darkest Before the Dawn.

By Misslara16 @misslara
Hey, this is a letter to you.
Dear friend.
You feel down right now, you think You have no hope.
Your heart is heavy and your mind keeps racing.
The shame is a lot to bear, the reproach makes death an easier option.
The debt is so great you feel like the heavens are sealed.
The dryness around you is over whelming and it feels like you will remain in the desert forever.
The race of life appears longer, more stressful than planned and you feel like there are no resources to rise to the challenge.
You have no one to talk to and no friends to trust; all you have is the spirit of heaviness and melancholy to consort with.
It seems like all of your demons are out for their pound of flesh.
This is a hard hard place to be in my friend, but could you take a look at it from this angle. Look at it from your creators angle.
I just want to let you know that God has given you the oil of gladness, the garment of praise in place of your mourning, a shining crown instead of ashes and glory he will put in place of your disgrace.
 When you feel low, lower than the ground, his glory will rise from within you and your face will shine.
When the spirit of heaviness tried to rule your life remember that out of your belly flows rivers of living waters. Remember that you have the yoke breaking oil of gladness at your disposal.
Don't give up on yourself, on life, that career or that dream. Hold on, we all know its always darkest before the dawn.

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