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A Letter to Santa…

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

October 10, 2013, admin, Christmas, Family, , 5

OK, so I know it’s still over two months until Christmas, however, Little Mr A has got his letter to Santa drafted early!  On Friday I picked up the Smyths Toys catalogue for him to have a look through and, after a little bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday, this seemed to get him in the mood for a spot of list writing!

He sat for a couple of hours on Saturday night going through the catalogue and copying down everything that he would like.  He then sat for another half an hour or so on Sunday morning finishing it off!

We were amazed by his dedication and concentration, plus his writing is just brilliant (well we can read it anyway!).

There are lots and lots of things on the list so we have had to keep reinforcing that just because he has written them on the list doesn’t mean that he will definitely get them!

If any family are friends need any ideas we have a big list to choose from!!

2013-10-05 17.29.30
2013-10-07 15.47.52

Are your children as organised as Little Mr A?

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