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A Horse, a Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse...!

By Rubytuesday
Hello fellow bloggers
Friends Fellow readers and writers Fellow survivorsMy dear sistersLife is pretty busy at the moment I work three days a weekAnd also go horse riding 2-3 times a weekAs well as seeing CocoIt's tricky trying to fit everything inBut I do my best And I am loving what I'm doing so it's really not like work at allThe place where I work is called St. Vincent de Paul Holiday CentreWhich is a charity run center that help people who ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford a holidayIt's like a hotelKind ofBut it's more like a big house With a living roomDining roomBarI have to say that I love itIf you have been reading recently You will know that I really struggled with anxiety in the lead up to starting To the point that I didn't think I would make itNow of course I am wondering what I was worried about It's hard workBut not difficult Basically I wear many hats at workReceptionist WaitressCleanerAdvice giver And generally just being there to assist anyone that needs it It's nicely busy So I'm kept going Which I like as the time flies byIt's a great feeling to be working To be busy To be earning moneyTo be out in the world Meeting people Helping our guests enjoy their holidayMuch better than sitting at home Thinking myself in to oblivionSo yesI am very content and happyOf course things are not perfect My Dads health is a concernI'm still getting used to this body My meds can be tricky But I am doing my best to keep it all together To stay wellAnd to keep moving forward  I see Coco as much as I can His owner is a very difficult person to deal with I mean this man loves to wind me upOne minute he's talking about finding Coco a new home The next he is talking about getting a pony for riding I would take Coco in a heart beat if I could I did inquire about renting a field near my house But no takers as of yetAs well as that I just don't feel I have enough experience to take on what in reality is a next to wild animal And I definitely don't have the funds to spare if he ever needs a vet or treatment of any kindIt would be irresponsible of me to take him onI am however hoping that Cocos owner will find him a good home where I can visit him and still continue to work with himAs I am too involved now to walk awayI just couldn't leave himHe needs me And I am so fond of himI just want what is best for himThat's all
Last Thursday I turned up to my riding lesson to find that it has been cancelled for some reasonSo I was asked if I wanted to tag along on a two hour trekI figured why notI was with two young German girls called Emma and Lisa I was riding a beautiful girl called MollyAnd Anke was out trek leader First we walked down to the beach Where we trotted, cantered and galloped It was my first time to canter on a beachAnd it was utterly exhilarating!I loved every second of itWe continued down the beach And across some fields Then we arrived in the next village and crossed the road onnto a trackOne of the lanes was quite boggy And there was a puddle in the middle of the laneMy horse seemed flummoxed as to what to doSo she made a huge jump over itI was thrown back Then forwardAnd came off Molly on my right side I was at the back of the rideSo no one noticed me falling until I called outI quickly realised I wasn't hurtAnd went to hold MollyAnke dismounted and came down to meWe established that I was ok So I jumped back up on MollyWe took it easy the rest of the way back to the centreDespite my fall I loved the trekThe next day my arms and legs were so sore But it was a very satisfying kind of soreI couldn't wait to go on another trekSo I decided to ask my 16 year old nephew to come with me I booked an hours beach trek for us And we went yesterday We were in a group with two American girls who had never ridden before My nephew was on a huge horse called GypsomAnd I was on a beautiful girl called AnnaAnother brilliant ride And my nephew seemed to really enjoy itSo I think I will bring him again soonIt's so lovely to have found something that I love to doIt makes life so much more enjoyable So whatever it is that makes you happy Be it potteryGardening Running DrawingSinging Dancing Cooking Travelling Do it Do it as much as you can Free your mind Feed your soulThis is what life is all about Doing what you love And loving what you doWhat is your passion?

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