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A Guardian Angel for Christmas

By Brokebutbeautiful @never2broke4bea

A Guardian Angel for Christmas

Virin Vie Guardian Angel

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front this week, firstly due to the fact that it was the week before Christmas and I've been as busy as an elf wrapping and delivering presents, whilst also keeping up my normal day to day tasks. Secondly because I've been doing all of this with a cold. Like many people I had the dreaded annual cold and with all the nose blowing came a red nose to rival Rudolf himself. My red nose is the inspiration for this post because one product came in super handy for this problem, and this product is the Virgin Vie Guardian Angel.
So let's reflect; its Christmas Eve and I've been as busy as an elf,  had a red nose and been visited by an angel...I think that's enough festive puns covered so let's have a look at the product. I've had the Virgin Vie Guardian Angel for a while but mainly only used it for dry lips and the odd stubborn dry patch on my face. With my cold came a red and chapped nose that was not only painful but looked flaky and was sore. I couldn't disguise the redness because of the state of my skin and when I applied moisturiser it stung so much it brought a tear to my eye. This is when I reached for the Guardian Angel that had sat redundant on the bedside table for months. The first application smoothed my chapped skin and the following day it looked less red and angry. Another two applications and my nose was back to its normal self. 

A Guardian Angel for Christmas

Thick balm with a yellow colour

So what exactly is this wonder balm? Virgin Vie describe it as a,'skin loving balm (that) tackles dry skin, nourishes nails, re-hydrates heels and elbows and much more. It is the ultimate multi-tasker.' The bottle states that it is a 'skin saving balm for unpredictable skin.'  The balm is a thick cream that has a slight yellow tint and has a distinct smell that isn't unpleasant but almost smells like a medicated creme or ointment. It is very moisturising, versatile and just a little goes a long way. This is a good job really as it isn't the cheapest of products as it is priced at £13.00 for 20ml. However, I've realized that this is my go to product when my dry skin is more unpredictable than usual and it has never let me down! The Virgin Vie Guardian Angel is available on the Vie website.
MERRY CHRISTMASfromNever Too Broke For Beauty

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