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a Green Living Bedroom

Posted on the 25 November 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

How long do you spend in your bedroom? A few minutes getting dressed in the morning and a similar amount of time pottering about at bedtime? Perhaps it feels like not a great deal – but when you add on the number of hours you are asleep in there many people actually spend a third of their lives in their bedroom! If you keep your bedroom door shut to the outside world because you are embarrassed by the mess then I am talking to you! Perhaps it is time to make it a bit more inviting…

beedroom2 a Green Living Bedroom
While you are decorating to your taste and creating the perfect space to relax in it is worth considering the impact your bedroom is having on the environment. Again this may feel like not a lot, but every little helps and whatever energy saving steps you can take are well worthwhile.

For starters, if you throw out any old furniture such as your mattresses during your revamp, make sure that whatever you have which can be recycled is dealt with accordingly. Cut down on heating bills by purchasing a thicker duvet and heavy curtains, and save more energy by replacing bulbs with eco-friendly versions. Before long your bedroom will be a model of green living efficiency.

Once all that is done you can enjoy yourself at choosing a new bed and making sure that all your decorations are exactly as you would want them to be. How about new wardrobes, drawers or a fancy dressing table if you really want to push the boat out?

The bedroom may not be seen by everyone who visits your home but it should be treated with importance by those who sleep in it every night. Make it your favorite room of the house and fall in love with bedtime all over again. Good night!

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