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A Girl & Her Balloons: Part II

By Jcchris
I captured these shots not long after her 1st birthday. She found these balloons in our guest room & went all excited playing with them. Obviously, all the helium in the balloons are gone but nevertheless she enjoyed dragging them around in the house. She would sit for a good 15 minutes just to look & touch them. When she walked into the creative lab, I thought it would be fun to do some shots with her and the balloons. The camera loved her! 
 photo IMG_7263_zps4cfcab33.jpg
 photo IMG_7265_zps6f0888f2.jpg
 photo IMG_7279_zps9825e3c2.jpg
 photo IMG_7270_zps1335c9a5.jpg
 photo IMG_7278_zpsd12d6aba.jpg
 photo IMG_7280_zpsfc0475c1.jpg
 photo IMG_7281_zps1ea3e7b5.jpg
 photo IMG_7285_zpse7f6e587.jpg
 photo IMG_7298_zpsd1e813ac.jpg
 photo IMG_7301_zps20d23cd2.jpg
 photo IMG_7305_zps3ad88b9d.jpg
 photo IMG_7273_zps6af3379d.jpg
Today, we're celebrating Valentine's Day. Nothing much has planned for this day since our "Valentine" has entered our lives! We love her to bits! But one thing for sure we will celebrate this special day as a family :)
Thank you for coming by and Happy V-day to y'all!Xoxo Jessy

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