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A Few Confessions… and a Horsey Coupon Code!!

By Cate @finally4ever

Hey y’all! Hows it going? 

I have a few confessions for you (or you can just skip all my pictures of my kid/horse and scroll right down to the bottom of the post for the good stuff..,your call).

- I’m pretty sure that my kid is growing up way too fast. She picked out her own outfit yesterday AND brought me a hair tie so I could put her hair in a ponytail. My hair is up 99% of the time, and she’s decided that she loves it when our hair ‘matches’. She touches her little ponytail, and then touches mine. It’s adorable. She’s also obsessed with her Crocs that her Aunt Sue got for her last year. They are the only pair of shoes that she doesn’t instantly try to take off the second I put them on. I’m looking forward to revisiting the squishy stage when Charlotte makes her arrival, but I’m having so much fun with Shannon as she grows into a real person.




- Shannon has been having some issues sleeping through the night recently. She goes down pretty well, but then wakes up crying. The only way that we could get her to settle down was to bring her in bed with us for a snuggle for 10-15 minutes. I then got the bright idea that we should try a small fish tank in her room. Mike and I picked one out at Wal*Mart that had a bubbler, and soft LED lights. We made the mistake of purchasing the $.32 goldfish to go along with it… all 4 were dead by morning. Shannon marched around the house proclaiming “DEAD!” all day Monday (it was morbidly hysterical. We agreed that when it comes to “the big talks” that we wouldn’t lie to her, or make up stories so when she asked why they weren’t swimming, I explained that they died). She and I went to Feeder’s Supply yesterday and spent big money ($4!) on a Beta fish that she picked out. Mike called him Sherman and I am happy to report that Sherman is still alive AND Shannon slept through the night no problems. Win! 

- I’m still trying to figure out how to port this whole thing over to Blogger so that I can post video. As you can see, I’m failing horribly. 

- I went full Mommy and chopped about 4″ off my hair over the weekend. I’m not sure how I like it, but I am aware how exhausted and haggard I’m starting to look. Charlotte needs to just get here already. I haven’t shared many details, but this pregnancy has been really rough on me (my total weight gain to date is 4 pounds… at 34 weeks) and my body is ready to be done already. So is my mind. I really need to ride my horse again, mostly. 



- Speaking of my horse. Willow is in the midst of a heat cycle from hell. Her fall transitory cycle was hard last year too, and when we get shots/teeth done, I’ll be chatting with my vet (who specializes in Repo work) about options. Homegirl is like a rabid animal in the self mutilation stages and it’s not pretty.  She’s pretty much been sequestered to her stall until she stops body slamming, squealing, and peeing on things when the wind blows. She keeps hurting herself, and I’m really tired of finding fresh blood and scrapes from her whore-ish behaviors. Also. Heat pee really, really stinks. TMI? That’s okay. It’s all part of the charm of this little blog.



- I have an obsession with nice things when it comes to my horse. This is a problem. When it comes to horses, nice things are pretty expensive. For the most part I can justify spending more money on the big ticket items (like tack) because the better the quality the longer the item normally lasts. Usually the pricier brands comes with better customer service as well (I’m looking at you, SmartPak).  One of my current, more, shall we say indulgent, obsessions these days are Back on Track products. Show me a horse person who doesn’t love every piece of BoT equipment that they’ve bought and I’ll call them a lying liar who lies.

Unfortunately, BoT is also on the pricey side (it’s even worse when you spend $80 on standing wraps and your mare EATS THEM the first night…BAD WILLOW). I think that the benefits totally outweigh the price, but my husband is not so convinced. Luckily, my good friends at Iselltack.com want to help me and y’all out with that problem! They are offering us a promotion of $20 off your order of $100 or more. Score! They not only offer my beloved BoT products (for humans and pooches as well!) but a huge line of high quality saddles, DeNiro boots, Baker Sheets (obsessed with those too), Jin Stirrups, and other quality goodies! The customer service can’t be matched either, so it’s a win-win for everybody! Go. Now! 

*** To take advantage of their awesome offer, enter the coupon code Brandt20 at checkout! ***



Dixie hopes that y’all have a great Tuesday!! 

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