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A Few Alt Left Positions on Race

Posted on the 07 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

RL: The Alt Left would be a movement that is pro-White, likes Whites and White culture and values the people and the societies they create. Also at least my wing would be nonracist. I would say that we should be antiracist, but antiracism has been so taken over by insane people that I do not want to identify with it anymore.

Not sure about the other wing – it looks White nationalist.

I would say that non-Whites can join, but only if they like White people, White culture and the societies that Whites create. No White-haters allowed.

Another William Playfair Web: That would take cutting the Cultural Marxist monopoly on the media, and involve not allowing things like Ferguson to happen, right?

Sure, but that will require another “Long March through the institutions” just like the Cultural Left did except in reverse. If we could just get a voice at the table, it might be nice.

As far as riots like Ferguson, that is a matter for city governments and local and even state law enforcement to deal with. The Alt Left will not take a stand on these riots other than to say that there is often very little justification for the rioting. They are usually rioting because another thug got shot dead by cops, typically in a justifiable homicide. That’s not a good reason to riot.

Another William Playfair Web: No affirmative Action.

No affirmative busing unless a student really deserves it.

The Alt Left would oppose affirmative action, but it’s already being outlawed in most states anyway, and corporations can do all the AA they want to and nobody can do a thing about it. And increasingly they do just that. The Alt Left will not take a stance on corporations practicing their own “goals” or AA or whatever it is they do. It’s their company, and it’s their business how they run it.

Busing Blacks into White schools has always been problematic. For one thing, it creates a huge number of White racists. Many young Whites, especially men, went to schools where Blacks were bussed in. These Blacks behaved horrifically and these Whites have been racist ever since. So busing in Blacks mostly seems to cause a lot of new White racists.

No tolerance for bad behavior for bussed in Blacks. Also I think they should be very selective about the Blacks they bus in. It should almost be a lottery where it is a privilege to be chosen. Whether or not you would be bussed would be based on your behavior at the Black school.

Another William Playfair Web: Maybe I am just too closed minded, but this “culture and values” stuff, is just too abstract. Whites in Ferguson or Kate Steinle’s family don’t give a rat’s ass about “White culture;” they just want a stop to crime/violence.

The media and the culture now say that White people and White culture are evils. We beg to disagree. We like and value White people, White culture and the societies that Whites create. The Alt Left is not so much pro-White but more that it is not anti-White. There’s no way to stop the crime and violence in Black ghettos anyway, so the Alt Left does not claim to have they key to that problem. We don’t care if Whites listen to us or not, but most Whites agree with the core positions. If you poll Whites on whether they like and value White people and White culture and whether White culture is worth preserving, 75% say yes.

Another William Playfair Web:…they just want a stop to crime/violence. I just can’t see indoctrinating NAM’s with White values stopping that.

We are not about indoctrinating NAM’s with White values. They can adopt them or not if they wish; it’s not something we care about. It would be nice if NAM’s stopped thinking that White culture and White people were evil things though. The NAM’s are not our target audience. The culture at large is. We are not so naive as to be believe that indoctrinating NAM’s with White values will ameliorate crime and violence in ghettos. We do not think it will do that, and that is not our intention anyway.

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