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A-england: Camelot

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
Hello pretties!
Today I have the third a-england in my collection - Camelot!
CAMELOT the majestic court
The powerful symbol of Arthur universe, a romantic vision of towers, church spires, the imposing cathedral and splendid castle.
For this, I found the perfect picture:

a-england: Camelot

source: wiki

Isn't this breathtaking?
Gloomy and dark but it just adds to the gothic charm and allure to the place.
Camelot is described as a "black onix glaze with unique luster" and that couldn't be any more accurate:
a-england: Camelot
a-england: Camelot
a-england: Camelot
Color-wise, Camelot is a true pure black.
But the magic lies in its formula. One word: CREAMY! That's the word that looped in my head as I painted my nails. It is really wonderful. It is super pigmented and rich but not thick and unmanageable. It practically applies itself! I don't have to keep going over my nail to smooth it out.
That's not all! It dries super shiny and smooth! The finish is excellent! I cannot rave enough about it!
I was so impressed that I wore Camelot alone as a full manicure for two days before I could bring myself to layer over it (as per the original plan). Yes, it reignited my love for black cremes. It made my hands look so fair and the contrast is striking! Love love love!
As I was tagging this post, I realized that this is my first creme review! That's saying how much I love Camelot! I usually steer clear of cremes because I find them rather dull and plain within a day, not to mention how hard it is to get a perfect finish with my clumsy painting. But Camelot really took my breath away. I will definitely be wearing it alone again soon!

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