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A Dysfunctional GOP, Living in a Free Thinking Society

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
A Dysfunctional Party, unable to cope with the natural evolution of a Nation...and the rapidly Progressive and Free Thinking Society that we have evolved into.
It's not surprising whenever the winds of Social Change appear in the horizon, for the conservative mind to battle any or all changes in our society just to keep that Status Quo, alive! Since the Stone Age...when fear of the night kept their ancestors inside those caves...conservatives have feared progress and prefer to conserve the Status Quo, than to ever look forward into the future.
With Americans frustrated and upset with the 8 year gridlock of Washington Politics, people need to vent out heir frustrations...enter, stage right the GOP's version 2016 without any issues left to propose or defend, ready to exploit that anger and frustration by favoring a Reactionary View; featuring the echos of Racism and Hate, appeal to Fear and Prejudice, Lies and Deception, Stereotyping...and Flag waving! Complete with open endorsements by the American Neo-Nazis and the cone-heads in the, the echos in Germany circa 1933?
And now! the exclusive endorsement from the man the U.S. Department of Justice concluded, oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling in U.S. History, and who has cost the Taxpayers of Maricopa County over $130 Million here, there, and everywhere on outside attorneys and lawsuit settlements filed against him...Sheriff Joe Arpaio!!!
Ahhyup! the Grand Old Party and its apparent standard bearer "The Donald"...sure are getting those great and so prestigious endorsements, these days!...even Sarah Palin! Which brings me to an interesting question; Who 'would' make a better VP running mate with the Trumpster? Wyatt Earp...or the Dummy?
You have a Political Party deliberately running a Politically Incorrect campaign, with the support of a single solitary sector of a Society that has changed drastically while they all
sat around and did absolutely nothing for 8 years!...which, is the reason for the public's anger and frustration in the first place! Hey! Blaming Obama doesn't cut it anymore...but it still works great with the ignorance they preach their garbage to. And with today's version, "Decorum" has been dumped in favor of Vulgarity & Obscenity...Republicans have stooped down to appeal to the very lowest level of indecency, a civil Society produces...and they 'will' pay for their sins!
Conservatives! with it! Living in a far more freethinking Society...a Country where people of every race, color, and creed interact daily, fall in love, and get married...regardless of the standard mores! Mr. Conservative! just can't fight human
evolution and win!
In today's world...if you're a racist and your son or daughter comes home and says; guess who's coming for dinner? better put your racist face on the back-burner, smile, and
put up with it! If the situation is Gender?...the same thing! It's a whole new world out can either move in with the Croods, and remain scared of this whole New Age we live in...or conform to the 21st Century cross-cultural Society in this multi-racial and multi-ethnic melting pot of the world...known, as the Unites States of America!
Now, Execution of Abortion Doctors?? A truly dysfunctional and indecent political party who caters Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as the very best they have to offer?... just shows what they believe in and stand for...nothing!
Ted Cruz teams up with right-wing extremist who called for the execution of abortion doctors

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