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A Double Portrait, to Finish the Year...

By Pmeurice
   While looking back on 2016's posts, I reckon Human Figure is taking a big part of my practice and interest. Most probably because of the connections and emotions I get with the work at the moment I am doing it : one tends to relates and dive into one's emotions, feelings, thoughts... connection with the subject is then a drive for creation, maybe as powerful as the senses...
As I was looking for a small project to end the year, I came up with a double portrait idea.
The picture below can now be published, as it was a christmas gift, mother and son. I rushed a pencil drawing of my sister and my nephew to be on time for the year end family gathering. Here it is :

A double portrait, to finish the year...

Ben & Theo - 60X50cm

The first difficulty encountered was to find the right image... I only had a few photographs, to assemble the composition, with very bad lightening... hence the choice of pencil, as I had no proper material to render a colored atmosphere. The second difficulty was - perhaps - that is was for me the first time to draw a child, whose personality and visage features are constantly changing : the drawing of the small boy was a constant search while I got straight to the point with my sister's visage. Overall, I got a bit of the baby's 'pensive mood while feeling secured, observing the world around, and I was happy to capture my sister's look, full of joy and youth, her optimism, and maybe, her 'insouciance'. 

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