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A Diver Swallowed by a Whale and Suvived !

By Planet Fotorimo

A DRAMATIC set of pictures show a man nearly being swallowed by a Bryde's Whale off Port Elizabeth Harbour. Rainer Schimpf, 51, has worked as a dive tour operator in South Africa for over 15 years. But in February, he experienced something very rare - the inside of a whale's mouth. In perfect sea conditions, Rainer and his team set off to document a sardine run - a natural event where gannets, penguins, seals, dolphins, whales and sharks work together to gather the fish into bait balls. Rainer and his colleagues film the expedition for educational and environmental purposes.Split into two groups, Rainer led his team into the ocean, about 25 nautical miles from shore.But it was when the sea suddenly churned up that the team knew something strange was happening.

Videographer: James Jones & Rainer Schimpf Photographer: Heinz Toperczer Producer: Martha Hewett, Ruby Coote

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

Christopher Lynn
Elliðaey is one of the Westman Islands, located south of Iceland. The island is uninhabited, but has a large hunting lodge, constructed in 1953. The lodge is owned by Elliðaey Hunting Association.
The island of Elliðaey (63° 28'05.10″ N, 20° 10'31.98″ W), the third largest island of the Westman Islands, located south of Iceland. The island is a mere 0.18 mi² in area and is uninhabited. From this website, we learn the following information (translation is mine, so it's imperfect but gives the gist):
"On the island is a large fishing house owned by the Ellidagrim Islands Society, which engages in puffin egg hunting in summer and in spring. In earlier times there was a hunting lodge called simply "dwelling." The first building which was built on the island still stands. It is used for storage, and is west of the 'Skápana.' In 1953, a new lodge was built at the foot of Hábarð (the highest peak on Elliðaey) because the old building failed the test of time. In 1985, work bega...

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !


DID YOU KNOW....that Cuba is home the the smallest bird in the world? Measuring 5 cm long and 2 gm in weight, the Bee Hummingbird or el Zunzuncito, holds the record for the smallest bird and also the smallest egg in the world.

Bee hummingbirds are the smallest known living birds in the world - being comparable in size to bumble bees and are lighter than a Canadian or U.S. penny. Females are slightly larger than males.

Like all hummingbirds they can fly not only forwards but also backwards, up, down, and even just hover. They have the ability to beat their wings at up to 80 times per second, so fast that humans can only see the wings moving as a faint blur. Their tiny size and amazing flying skills allow them to move from flower to another collecting nectar and hunt even small insects. In fact, they are so good at flying (some as many as 1,500 flowers a day) that they do not even walk anymore and only use their feet for perching.

Many native and culti...

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

Lake Sameranger located in Tyrol, Austria. People used to call this lake as "Pearl of Tyrol". Lake Sameranger is a well known Tourist Destinatination, Beacuse of it's relaxing and Beautiful natural surrounding. When Tourist visit this Sameranger Lake, they do not forget to dive in this Small lake. Lake Sameranger grant an extraordinary diving experience to all divers. And the water close to the shore seemed crystal clear.

Normally a park for the locals, this area is transformed annually into an amazing scuba diving destination. Every spring the ice from the surrounding mountains melts, flooding the meadow with crystal clear water 1 - 10 meters deep. Deepest in the spring and early summer, and drying out almost completely for the winter months.


A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

Timestorm Films Explore the incredible diversity of Chile in Winter. From the northern end of Patagonia and Los Lagos region with its picture-perfect volcanoes, to the wild pacific coast, magical araucaria forests, towering peaks of the Andes all the way up to the Atacama Desert. Shot in June and July 2019 traveling over 5000km from south to north. Website: Music: "Skydance" by Kim Planert - Special thanks to: Angelbird Media - Wicked South America: -
Tech Details: Mastered in 8K, 60fps (7680x4320) 12-bit Cameras: Nikon D850, Sony A7RIII, Sony A7RII, RED EPIC-W Lenses: Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4, Sigma Art 14-24mm f2.8, Sigma Art 14mm f1.8, Sigma Art 50mm f1.8, Tamron 100-400mm f4.5-6.3, Sigma 60-600mm f4.5-6.3 Software: Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve 16

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

I spent 3 weeks travelling across the Alps, in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. This video presents the amazing places and landscapes I discovered along the journey. Welcome to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains in the world...
Shot in 4K with: iPhone X and DJI Mavic Pro Drone.
Locations: Lago di Braies, Lago di Sorapis, Seceda, Lago di Resia, Seiser Alm, Dolomites, Riffelsee, Bachalpsee, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lauterbrunnen, Lago di Carezza, Hallstatt, Berchtesgaden, Riffelsee, Furka Pass...
Instagram: @gaetanpiolot
Music: Zack Hemsey - The Way

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON'T BELIEVE EXIST! A list of my top destinations In Iceland while traveling the country.

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

From the shadows of a cityscape, street photographer Alan Schaller composes narratives out of the chaos around him. Limiting the noise of his surroundings, he imagines the stories that spaces want to tell. Searching for contrast-a striking person passing in a crowd or a flock of birds suddenly taking flight-Alan captures the harmony of life's unpredictability by simply observing.
Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Anton Lorimer.

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

We need light to see, but what about the QUALITY of light? How does light quality change what we see? Find out why LED, CFL, and halogen lights can make the world look very different to our eyes - and to a camera.

A diver swallowed by a Whale and suvived !

ingapore Airlines is a global company dedicated to providing air transport services of the highest quality. The safety of our customers and staff is of the highest priority. Singapore Airlines is an international airline serving 48 countries around the world and our staff members are dedicated to assisting and facilitating every customer's travels. We support those requiring special assistance at various points throughout their journey with Singapore Airlines.
On 1 May 1947, the Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) Airspeed Consul takes off from Singapore Kallang Airport. It's the first of three flights a week to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang
The Federation of Malaysia forms on 16 September 1963. To commemorate this, Malayan Airways Limited becomes Malaysian Airways Limited. Malaysian Airways Limited becomes Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in May 1966.
In 1972 Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) separates into two airlines, Malaysian Airline System, and Singapore Airlines as we know it toda...

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