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A Day in the Life of Lea the Golden Retriever

By Rubytuesday
Hi I'm Lea
I'm 9 years old and I live in Ireland
I live with Ruby, her mom and Honey
Honey is like my sister
Even though I am bigger than her, I am in fact younger than her
I usually wake up at about 7
I look over at Honey and she is still fast asleep
She loves her bed
She spends most of her time there
I wait patiently for Ruby to come and let me out
I know she'll be here soon
I don't bark
I am very patient
Eventually I hear Ruby coming up the hall
She opens the door and I run out to greet her
She spends a few minutes rubbing me and Honey
Then I head out to the garden
I stretch and yawn and walk around checking that everything is as it should be
Honey goes over to the wall and barks at the door next year
They do this every day
Bark and growl at each other
They are so silly
I go around to the front garden and have a nice long pee
Then I head around to see if Ruby is ready to go for a walk
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
She's not ready yet
I dance around her feet to remind her that I really want to go
She lets me in to the car to wait
I love going in the car
When Ruby first got me I hated the car
It made me feel so sick
But now I love it
I love heading of with Honey and Ruby
We have great fun
Finally Ruby is ready
I hear the jingle of the car keys and I know it's time to go
As we drive Ruby talks to us
I don't know what she is saying most of the time but it sounds nice
I only know a few words
I know my name
I know car
All the important words
We arrive at the beach and I am so excited
Ruby opens the car door and I bound out
The beach is one of my favorite places to go for a walk
We walk down the long path and over to the sand
I run around and roll on my back
Pure joy
I also go for a swim
I go for a swim every day
Sometimes Ruby throws a stick for me
I really enjoy that game
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
After a nice long walk we head back to the car
Honey and I sit in the back seat
Although Honey always manages to take up most of the room
I don't mind though
It's easier to let her have her way
Honey thinks she is the boss
But she forgets that I am much bigger and stronger than her
I let her think she's the boss
But she's not really
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
When we arrive home Ruby gives Honey and I a big juicy boneI bring mine around to the front garden and sit and gnaw it for agesI just love bonesHoney always burys hers in her bedShe's so silly
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
Soon it's dinner timeOne of my favorite times of the dayI sit at the back step and watch Ruby prepare the foodYummy nutsDog foodTuna and ham I gobble mine down quicklyHoney always comes over to my dish when I am finishedShe is so greedy
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
I love living hereRuby brought me her when I was 5 months oldI was living with my mother and my brothersWe were kept in a big cageI was the runt of the litterI remember the day Ruby came to pick me upI was so scaredI didn't want to leave my family and I didn't know where I was goingWhen I got to Ruby's house I hid under the bushes for a full dayI didn't know where I was and I missed my family so muchBut Ruby and her family were so nice to meEven Honey was nice to meIt took me a while but eventually I settled inI'm quite a nervous dog by nature but as time has gone on I've become more and more confidentI'm glad that I live here nowI have a lovely big gardenI go for walks every dayAnd Honey and Ruby and her Mum are my new family now
A day in the life of Lea the golden retriever
I spend the rest of the day mooching around the garden or sleeping on the back stepIt's summer now so Honey and I can lie out until lateSometimes Ruby's nephew comes downI love playing with him
Soon it is night time and it's time for bedI lie on the mat in the kitchen until Ruby puts me in to bedIt's been a long day and I am tiredI better get a good nights sleep because tomorrow we do it all again
A day in the life of Lea the golden retrieverLots of love
Lea x

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