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A Cookbook eBook Review from Me!

By Kalamitykelli @venuscorpiogirl

A Cookbook eBook Review from me!

Y’all know that I have written several eBooks and there’s one that I have had “almost” finished for so long Top Girl is going to brain me if I don’t get it finished. But today, I am here to talk with you about a lovely new eBook, just released today by the ladies over at the Weekend Potluck Linky Party. If you have never visited Weekend Potluck, here is the link for 10/12/2012 so you can see how wonderful it is! I am always so happy to visit – of course I link up – but on Sunday afternoons, I spend some time checking out the recipes and blogs who also link up. I have used many of the recipes I’ve found there: some from the linkers like me, and many more from the Potluck Ladies.

This week, there is a great offer for the purchase of a collaborative effort between the six 6 ladies in the form of an eBook called: Weekend Potluck Fall Favorites Cookbook. The book is chock full (90 pages) of recipes using regular food items that would entice even the most picky of eaters. You will find a beautiful presentation photograph of each recipe with “cook’s notes” at the end, offering special side notes to help you make the recipe successfully. I particularly enjoyed being able to download the cookbook to my laptop and then maximize the size. It makes the words 139% so I can read it in the kitchen without hunting all over the place for my reading glasses. Another plus is the ability to click on the cartoon caption icon at the top and make notes out to the side of each recipe. There is also the ability to highlight particular lines or cook’s notes – they both work fine because I used them.

The six ladies who make up Team Weekend Potluck live all over the US from the Southwest, to the Midwest, over to the Ohio River, up by our country’s capitol, and way down south in Florida! (Gosh I felt like I was singing God Bless America in my head while I was trying to remember where everyone lived!) From what I have gathered by following them, each one is not only in a different part of the country, but they are in different stages of life. All are married and have children, a few grown but mostly school aged. Some work outside the home, some don’t. There are a variety of special diets and tastes represented within these families. I believe one needs gluten free in her home and one must have lower sugar in hers. You can find something (really more than one thing) for everyone in this book! Page 91 – 96 of the book contains pictures, bios, and links to all the social media that each one participates in.

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