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A Comment on US Black Culture

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

Enkidu writes:

Nothing is stupider than US black ‘culture’. If your culture values violence as a solution to problem solving, crass materialism, instant gratification, sports above education, Bentleys and bling over benevolence, you are going to have a stupid, underachieving society. Blacks raised with the values of, say Jews or Koreans will probably do as well as anyone else.

Any comments? Note that this comment blasting Black folks per se and saying there is something wrong with them biologically. Instead he is just saying that their culture blows. A culture that, by the way, they created themselves. Any group can change their culture anytime they want to. Happens all the time. When can they start? Not now, yesterday!

I agree with everything he says in this post. Black culture simply leaves me cold in so many ways, when it doesn’t just out and out offend me or disgust me.

1. Violence as a way of solving problems. For someone like me, that is pretty much the ultimate outrage. I am the type of guy who has been repressing his aggression his own life. In fact, every day it is often sort of a battle to repress the aggression and keep the wolf in its lair. So people who not only lose it all the time but who actually think this is an intelligent way to solve your problems? Well, I have nothing to say.

2. Crass materialism. Well a lot of Whites are into that too. To the same degree? Who knows? I dropped out of the BS American money and status game a long time ago and I never looked back. If any money and status types end up crawling back into my life, I usually run them out after a bit. Not that I have any thing against stuff. I love it too. I love money too; only problem is I don’t have enough of it. However conspicuous consumption just strikes me as utterly insipid. Money well spent is valuable and one of life’s finer pleasures.

By definition, conspicuous consumption is not money well spent. You may as well just set bills on fire or flush them down the toilet. And the whole idea of judging other human beings based on how much money they make – the less money you make the more inferior you are and the more money you make, the more superior you are, well, all I have to say is that’s a Hell of metric by which to judge your fellow man! What would Jesus have said about those values?

3. Instant gratification. My whole life is has been all about delayed gratification. When I see idiots who can’t control themselves, my feeling often is that this is not a fellow human but a lower animal. That applies for people who see a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and can’t just eat one. As long as that plate is visible, they are pretty much going to gobble down the whole tray. To think like that seems to me to think like a dog or a mountain lion or some lower animal species, not a human. I equate “human” with self-control.

Sports over education. I have no real use for sports and if you are going to make some good money off of it, it’s a fine indulgence. Obviously I am a schoolhead, so I just can’t understand people who hate school, hate studying, hate reading or whatever. I just can’t relate, and my general attitude is that you are some sort of an idiot.

Bentleys and bling over benevolence. Well yeah. That’s Black culture. US Black culture isn’t particularly benevolent now, is it? Neither is White culture, but nevertheless, I am stunned by the kindness of White strangers that I see out in public. In fact, I have always depended on that kindness to renew my faith in man.

I don’t see the point of all the gold nonsense. You are dressing up like a circus clown or carnival performer. Why would dress like a clown or a carny and go about their daily business? A Bentley is an example of something you don’t even need. Utterly useless. It’s a high school dick comparison game, except it’s a car instead of a penis. I see someone with a car like that and I think, “Why would anyone want that?”

As you can see, I simply do not relate to US Black society in so many ways. It seems juvenile, insipid and incomprehensible when it’s not repellent.

The thesis of the commenter is that the problems of US Black society derive solely from its culture. I would not go that far, but I would say that the culture plays a big role. What’s so racist about saying that? Wasn’t Bill Cosby saying that a while back?

How do the rest of you feel?

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