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A CEO Mum Adding Style to Pregnancy Wardrobe – Shradha Sud

By Themommytale

Once you enter the phase of motherhood. Life changes 360 degrees. Your lifestyle, eating habits, time management, your thinking and even your wardrobe shows you new shades of life. Today, we are here to share a journey of Shradha Sud - Founder & CEO of Mamacouture.

Shradha Sud is a Corporate Lawyer by profession for 13 years before she became a mom. Her venture Mamacouture is helping women look and be stylish during their most important phase of maternity. Yes, she firmly adheres to her mission and persistently works in the direction to make life stylish and comfortable for pregnant women by bringing in maternity wear from Mamacouter.

Let's hear from Shradha Sud about her journey from being a mum to the founder of Mamacouture.

Glimpses of the motherhood journey of Shradha Sud .

I became a mom to my baby girl Shaina in the year 2015. I worked as a corporate lawyer for many years and continued to do so during my pregnancy. However, the pregnancy was too busy with work along.

Becoming a mom has surely taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things and learning that I will have absolutely no control over my time anymore, and it will be all as per Shaina :-). I feel quite happy and enjoy every bit of her. She is my universe and I love to remain occupied with her

Being a Mompreneur is not a cake walk. Here is what Shradha Sud has to say on this.

I think being a working parent is a tough job for anyone. Mine got a little crazier possibly as I started my venture along with being pregnant. It was like having twins one my baby girl and other my startup venture when you were preparing for just one! However, I make the best of my time with Shaina and the family as we try to keep it light & fun at home. Shaina is only 2.5 years old, so she doesn't have too many demands, except my time with her, to which I mostly happily submit.

My second baby Mamacouture does demands my time but, setting my priorities in advance helps me in managing my work and home

Family always comes first to every individual. When a person steps in for a new journey or phase of venture require a lot of support from family. Read on to know how Shradha Sud manages and gets support from her family and shares her advice for other Mompreneurs.

Yes, family support is always required. I am extremely lucky to be able to rope in my full family for their support and that's the only way I can work on my venture. To other Mompreneurs, I can only suggest that if you have the help of your family - use it. Don't be shy to ask for help when you need it. Planning for your little one can be quite tedious.

The support we get from our family is important not only to make bright future decision's but to become a good parent as well. To their family members, I can just say that please help your children, who have just become new parents, through this journey in every way possible to see them aspire to their dreams.

Motherhood is very demanding, so I would always suggest special care & extra love for the new mom. I could make the dream of starting Mamacouture just because of my families support. I am thankful to God and my family for all support and love.

Shradha Sud shared her Mompreneur voyage with Mamacouture. Her plans for the same.

Mamacouture was "conceived" when I got pregnant and at about 7 months into my pregnancy I was sure of this idea. The huge gap of pregnancy & nursing clothes in India was something that hit me really hard and I couldn't believe that most women around me had to still shop from abroad, and we didn't have an Indian brand. I thought this space of pregnancy fashion hadn't got its due and needed to be addressed. So I decided to start Mamacouture - an online venture of fashionable maternity clothes, and now we have also added nursing range since last year. Our future plans are to grow much more in India with strategic partnerships, and then certain specific markets globally as we have significant demands from there. Our Black Maternity Pants are the best seller in their category and we almost can't keep up with its demands.

Work-life balance is something we all need today. Here is the secret of Shradha Sud for the same.

Indeed, it's difficult to manage all things at a time but, I would say it's not impossible at all. I think all the balls are up in the air all the time :-). We try to keep some balance with school days vs. weekend routines. Personally its a lot of planning to keep it all together, but as I said, we have the whole family and their support to brave through this.

Honestly, Shiana is very partial towards her dad - so her evenings, quite simply just playing with him after he returns from office, and he gladly surrenders! My husband and I believe in equal parenting so I get a lot of support from him and that way I can manage all.

Shradha Sud is an inspiring woman, Mom, and an entrepreneur. Here is what she suggests our readers, who are trying to make a perfect life for their kids, but feel that motherhood has put a full stop to their career.

Motherhood is not at all a full stop in any aspect, or I at least hope it's not for anyone. In fact, Mamacouture made its first brand film and would love to share it with readers here as it addresses this point exactly. It's for the women today continuing to lead a full & fun-filled life. Life has too much to offer and we should grab it with both hands. Start small but aim big.

Check out the ad film by Mamacouture

A mom should be ready to explore her inner strength and create an opportunity for herself.

So nothing is impossible for a mom!

I am thankful to you, Shradha Sud for sharing your journey with us, it is truly inspiring and I wish you all the best for future.

I am sure her journey has touched you. You can checkout more about Shradha Sud's venture dedicated to Pregnant moms and their styling click here

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