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A Celebration for Claui

By Vickilane
A Celebration for Claui My darling daughter-in-law Claui passed her boards and in now a Registered  Nurse! It' s been a long, long road and she's traversed it with style and grace.  A celebration was in order and we had a feast with Claui and Justin and the two Katies, old friends of Claui . . .
A Celebration for Claui
Oven roasted chicken with garlic and peppers and lemons, green beans with tomatoes, and rice with garlic and mushrooms . . . salads of spring greens, grapefruit sections, gorgonzola, and vinaigrette . . . and lots of sparkling wine!
A Celebration for Claui And to finish, these enticing little puff pastry and apple rosettes that have been  all over my Facebook feed -- they were pretty and delicious --  though a bit fiddly to make when I was doing them at the last minute. 
But such fun. And Claui's celebration was the perfect time to try them. I am so proud of her! A Celebration for Claui

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