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A Calm in the Time of Anxiety

By Vickilane

A Calm in the Time of Anxiety

Corona virus, plunging stock market, politics . . . these are some of the things that occupy my mind around 4 am when I find myself awake. Will my classes, workshops be cancelled? What about the Easter Party? Will we have to suffer four more years of That Awful Orange Embarrassment? How long will my bottle of hand sanitizer hold out?

Fortunately, during the day I'm usually too busy to obsess about any of this stuff. And after supper, there's an hour or so of blissful escape as we watch All Creatures Great and Small.

I read all of Herriot's books back when they came out but never watched the television adaptations. Now we are.

And what a treat! The settings and characters are perfect and allow me to immerse myself in their world. Cheery folk, only dealing with veterinary emergencies and an impending war with Germany. 

It's like comfort reading -- of which I'm doing a good bit these days. Nice people, no surprises.

A Calm in the Time of Anxiety

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