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A Blog Story

By Carrie Berschman @CarrieBerschman
Upon starting my blog, I knew up front I would be starting completely from scratch with only the faintest visions and a little inspiration. This meant I had a lot to learn (about the community, discovering my style, etc.) I really didn't have much for goals, except that I wanted a hobby to compliment my creative side and to use it as an opportunity to share my passions to anyone who was willing to read about them. Little did I know, blogging would teach me so much more than I expected. 

Blogging can be as creative as you make it! And it can completely be "your own". This may be the best thing I have grown to love about my blog. I have the ability to create, advise, share, and blabber about anything that I want, whenever I want! It feels good to sit at my computer and type about products I have tried, what I recommend, fun things I've done, share whats been inspiring me...AND have no deadlines. While I make it a point to post a couple of times a week and share whats been going on in my life as well, sometimes it's just not possible. But I can assure you, I have no plans to quit this any time soon!Another great thing I have learned is that the blogging community is SO helpful! Over the course of the last year I've been blogging, I have reached out to a handful of my favorite bloggers asking for a few tips as well as just exchanging a few words about our love for blogging. Each and every one of them has been so generous and have made it clear that bloggers help other bloggers. Not only in the aspect of me emailing to make a connection and ask a few questions, but also in the sense that reading other blogs helps us get a better idea of what is pleasing to the eye, as well as grasping onto ideas for content, keeping things original to yourself of course! I've noticed that my 'personal' and 'inside look' posts are far more popular than anything else. Please don't ever be afraid to make a recommendation  of what you might like to see either! And finally, this: People are going to have things to say about your blog. That is simply a given. There is nothing you can do to stop people from making a few negative comments (online or in person). I remember how nervous I was to unveil my new blog with my very first post, but I am so glad I did! Being still VERY new and still experimenting, I am by no means an expert, nor do I claim to be! I blog from my apartment bedroom, usually while watching The Bachelor (guilty pleasure) and taking a break from studying. I use the simplest features on Microsoft Powerpoint to make fun spreads of pictures to share. I don't own Photoshop and don't use anything more than an iPhone and a Sony point and shoot camera to take photos. Yes, I might flood your Twitter or Instagram feed, but I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to read about things I think are worth sharing, if they feel inclined to do so.  Which by the way, thank you ALL! Seeing my views go up daily is VERY rewarding. I never imagined to have 12,000+ views and counting. Who ever you are, it means so so much to me. I want the moral of my blogging to be that makeup and our personal beauty bring women together. Sometimes it might be the only thing a group of ladies have in common, but what is a better way to connect than through something as simple as that? Makeup and skincare is so much more than labels. It's knowledge on how to embrace and LOVE the skin we are in. With all of that said, if any of you have ever considered starting a blog, I highly advise you to do so! Write about what you know and love and it will be much easier than you imagined. My little blog has already opened doors and my eyes to a whole other world I didn't know about. While I am still learning the ropes, I am so happy to be able to share with all of you. 

On a side note-- I hope that you all had a happy Valentine's day whether it was with your honey, your girls, or just spent the evening relaxing. This year was my first "romantic" Valentine's. We enjoyed a nice dinner and ended the night at a comedy club in town. I also was surprised with this GORGEOUS white pearl ring. I've been feeling the love this weekend, to say the least! :)A Blog StoryAs always, thank you for reading! XO, Carrie

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