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A Bit on the Genetics of Mexican-Americans

Posted on the 15 March 2016 by Calvinthedog

RL: By the third generation around here, most Mexican-Americans are just White people for all intents and purposes. Many to most of them are behaving very well, and many are smarter than you would think. Intelligent, 3rd generation assimilated Mexican-Americans are fully capable of running cities here in the US…They need to chuck the Mexican thing and pretty much just turn into White people which is what most of them are majority racially anyway.

Jm8: I thought they were a bit more Amerindian (or about evenly both) on average. But I guess it depends on what part of Mexico they come from (the North having more White ancestry). In New York, where I live (and in South and much of Central Mexico, from what I saw), they tend to look very Amerindian. In some places (mostly S. Mexico), people from communities called Indian and nearby ones considered Mestizo/Ladino look very similar, the main distinction being language/the degree of cultural Hispanicization.

Here in the Southwest, the Mexican-Americans have always been mostly White. For a long time, they were 70% White. That was the standard for maybe 70-80 years. Then it shifted to ~60% White and stayed that way for a couple of decades.

Now here in California, they are 47% White, 45% Amerindian and 8% Black. That’s the whole genome, and it reflects the recent mass immigration from the south of Mexico, which is very Amerindian. There are also quite a bit more Black ancestry in the south, even in places like Guerrero where you would least expect it. This is because Mexico, like Argentina and some other places, dealt with the Black population issue by simply breeding them completely out of existence. 100-200 years ago, the % of Blacks in Mexico was much higher than it is now. However it was still a small population, and they bred so heavily into the surrounding White, mestizo and Amerindian culture that they more or less vanished off the face of the Earth.

The reason that Mexicans of the Southwest have traditionally been ~65-70% White is because they have usually come from northern Mexico. The north of Mexico is quite White genetically, much Whiter than the rest of Mexico. There is a city called Monterrey there that is actually mostly White people. This has also been not coincidentally one of the most productive parts of Mexico.

Around here, the % of Mexican-Americans who more or less look like White people (by that I mean they appear to be majority White) is truly stunning. We are talking about many thousands of people just in my city alone. If go around this town, you will soon see so many mostly White Mexicans that you will not even be able to count all of them.

Mostly White Mexicans are hard to describe racially, but they often look like Spaniards, Italians or Armenians. They sort of look like Med Whites. There are also a shocking number of Mexican-Americans in this town who seem to be full White. I have no idea what their genetic makeup is, but they appear to be about as White as I am. Some of them look even Whiter than I do because they have very pale skin.

Another very large group of Mexican-Americans is frankly such a mixed race group that you really could not call them Amerindian at all. They do look sort of White, but you couldn’t really call them White either. They are simply completely mixed race White-Amerindian people, full mestizos who can’t and shouldn’t be dumped into one or the other race.

However, I will admit that if you go around my city for a while, you will see many, many people who are mostly or fully Amerindian. These tend to be more the working classes or the field workers and quite a few of them are illegals.

The more Amerindian they are, the more likely they are to be illegals. The Whiter they are, the more likely they are to be Mexican-Americans or legal residents. The number of green card legal resident Mexicans in my city is very large, much larger than you might think. It’s not true that this group is mostly illegals. They are seriously mixed between illegals, green card-holding legal immigrants and Mexican-American citizens. The last category is surely the largest. Anyone who equates Mexican ethnicity in the US with illegal immigrant is nothing but an idiot.

I am getting a bit tired of this Cultural Left crap that Mexican-Americans are mostly Amerindian. The Cultural Left wants to believe this because they hate White people, and they want to see as many of this bull category called “people of color” as possible. Also the Aztlan Reconquista fools are very much into pretending that Mexican-Americans are mostly Amerindian. You will frequently find morons like this on the Net with fake Aztec names claiming that Mexican-Americans are 80-90% White. More often the idiot who is saying this lie looks like a White person.

Mexican-American nationalists of the Aztlan Reconquista variety are truly some of the stupidest ethnic nationalists of them all, especially because “Mexican” isn’t even a race.

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