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A Bit on Narcissism

Posted on the 12 March 2014 by Calvinthedog

Rick Dyer is very much an NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), in fact, he is a classic case study! If you want to study a good classic full blown NPD, check out Rick.

If you get even more extreme than this, you get into something called malignant narcissism. Personally, I think Ted Bundy may have been one of these. Also Jeffrey MacDonald. Malignant narcissism is similar to a  narcissistic sociopath = Ted Bundy, classic case.

According to one view, there is a continuum, with

normal narcissism -> narcissistic traits -> NPD -> malignant narcissism (narcissistic sociopathy) -> sociopathy

According to this way of thinking, the sociopath is the ultimate narcissist. Having known a few sociopaths, I would say that this is true. They are truly the Kings of the World. In fact, in their worlds, only they exist. No one is even really there. Other people are like those tables and chairs in your room, sort of like inanimate objects.

However, the type of narcissism that you see in the sociopath is different from the classic grandiosity, bragging, sensitivity to criticism, jealousy, envy, need for narcissistic supply, deserving of special treatment, arrogant, condescending, superior mindset, mirror gazing, vanity and dilettantish behavior that you see in the NPD and to a lesser extent in those with narcissistic traits.

Last time I checked, I was diagnosed with “narcissistic traits” on Axis 2. However, I breathe a sigh of relief that I do not have an actual personality disorder per se because I know how disastrous they are. ~14% has a full Axis 2 diagnosis = personality disorder, or one out of every seven people.

However, fully 50% of the population is like me and has some Axis 2 “traits” which means they have some personality disorder traits without having the full-blown enchilada. It is true that in this 50% of the population, the degree and intensity of Axis 2 traits did tend to predict problems in life – after all, personality stuff, whether full-blown disorders or mere traits, does tend to cause one difficulties in life. Considering that half the population shares my “problem,” I am quite content with it.

About my narcissistic traits: I am generally “working on them” – trying to be less arrogant, superior and condescending, trying to be nicer, to listen more, to be more humble. It pretty much takes a continuous effort as it doesn’t come naturally anymore. I always watch the bragging. I also use a lot of “false modesty” and even self-abasement with other people in an attempt to climb down from the heights. Sometimes in order to get away from the superior feeling, I even try to get underneath the person that I am interacting with. Works pretty well.

Truth is honestly that I do not see my narcissistic traits – really more egotism, vanity, conceitedness, etc. – as a problem. In fact, I rather like those things about me. And when you walk around thinking you’re the King of the World, sure, a lot of people think you’re a douchebag, but women often find that sort of douchebaggery to be irresistible.

In other words I do not want to “get better.” I am pretty happy the way I am, and I do not see the need to change, but that also is pretty typical of Axis 2 stuff in general.

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