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9 Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Using The Apple Watch

By Bellyfatformula @fatbellyblog
Ways To Lose Stomach Fat

Ways To Lose Stomach Fat

The funky new Apple Watch is the talk of the town.  Apple says it will revolutionize fitness.  But will this new gadget really help with ways to lose stomach fat?  We have a bit of a think about it and here are 9 quick ways we think the Apple Watch could help to flatten and define that stomach of yours once and for all.

It KNOWS when you are SHIRKING!
Its watching you (excuse the bad pun). The iWatch not only keeps track of your fitness activity, it monitors your heart rate and pace.  Your watch (and you) will know when you are just going through the motions and not extending yourself or when you are going above and beyond.

Its right there on your wrist
Your stats are there in front of you – clinging to your wrist.  There is no escaping them.  It’s not like you need to fumble through a pile of paperwork to check your workout journals or track down someone to get feedback from your trainer.  All the stats you need are just a touch away.

It knows MORE about you than you know yourself!
This is scary.  The iWatch learns as you go.  Your activity and fitness levels will be monitored to improve the accuracy of your measurements and it will suggest targets for your ongoing daily activity.
Mo-ti-vate me
Losing your excess belly fat is not simply about going to the gym, running or some other exercise pursuit.  It’s also about keeping active throughout the day.  The watch monitors all of your different types of movement – encouraging you to sit less and move more often.

Set your goals
Goal setting is super important when it comes to ways to lose stomach fat.  If you don’t have any goals, then how do you know if you have achieved them.  The iWatch has an advanced stopwatch and real time stats for a variety of workouts.  Not only that, the workout app lets you set goals that are specific to your individual circumstances.

Nowhere to hide
Yes, there is nowhere to run or hide. You will get a complete picture of ALL your daily activity.  You can just fudge it if you haven’t been pulling your weight so to speak.  If you are not doing enough… you’ll know.

Exercise to the right beat
Everyone loves a great motivational music track to get you revved up at the gym or while out on a run.  You can skip through the music on your iPhone or iTunes library simply by tapping your watch.  Easy.

Need a break in the weather?
If you are anything like me – then you will hate setting off on an exercise pursuit in the rain.    Keep an eye on your watch for weather updates – and avoid that sudden downpour that could ruin your workout… or at least your mood.

Calories burned
Keep an eye on how many calories you have burned – and how this compares to your daily calorie goals.  Managing your calorie intake and expenditure is key to removing belly fat.

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