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By Nookandsea @KristinaMGulino


The portable home office

Let’s face it: office life can really wear you down. Whether you’re on the corporate clock (or even working from home), the daily grind has the habit of making you wish you were somewhere else for the moment (desktop wallpaper, anyone)? Sometimes the best cure for your “same-ol’-same-ol’” is a fresh take on your workspace. Perhaps it’s adding a colorful bouquet of flowers, taking a few moments to enjoy that cup of joe (in that mug you’ve always wanted, of course) or simply wiping clutter out of sight. Whatever it is, it’s bound to brighten both your space and your mind, and may even give you a burst of energy sufficient enough to get through the day. A few helpful reads from Australia’s HomeLife to get you going:

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What are some ways you like to freshen up your space? Happy working!

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