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9 Most Popular Pseudo Scientific Myths

Posted on the 29 September 2012 by Davidowens

The numerous web site, magazines and books are rich in the “scientific” facts which are supposed to be the true ones. Moreover these myths being considered to be scientifically proven facts become the basis for pseudo scientific research, sensations and similar stuff. Here is the list of the most popular pseudo scientific myths that the people really believe in.

9 Most Popular Pseudo Scientific Myths

  • A hen is able to live without a head. It may sound surprising but for some time it is actually true. But that refers not only to a hen. The cell that control the body movements may continue their functioning for up to several minutes after the head was separated from the body. The beheaded hen may run around for several seconds or even try to fly away.
  • In the Southern hemisphere of our planet the water in the efflux cup flows in a counterclockwise direction because of the Earth rotation. That is not proven to be true.
  • A brass coin thrown down from a skyscraper is able to kill an adult person. This is a wide-spread fallacy which is based upon the mere illiteracy in elementary physics. In fact the free droop of the coin is slowed down by the force of the aerodynamic resistance. The higher the speed of the free drop is the stronger aerodynamic resistance reacts upon it.
  • The brain cells of the adult people don’t restore and renew themselves. That is not true. Neurons of the brain keep growing anew and changing each other during the whole life of a human being.
  • The chicken broth cures flu. Well, chicken broth isn’t a remedy actually. It warms the tissues of our throat and that relieves the pain and inflammation.
  • Yawning is contagious. Though this fact isn’t plausible at all its’ hard not to agree with it. Everyone has probably experienced the effect of “chain yawning”.
  • Lightning won’t strike one and the same place twice. There are the objects that are situated high above the earth being stroke by the lightning constantly. They are antennas, broach spires of ancient buildings and lightning rods.

9 Most Popular Pseudo Scientific Myths

  • The fallen cat will land on its four paws. If the cats falls from the comparatively low altitude it may fall on its back or hip.
  • If a person will run under the rain he will get less wet. It may be true in the case he runs quickly to the shelter and stays there until the rain is over.
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