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9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home

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A home is a reflection of the owner’s style and personality, from minimalist decorations to bookshelves stacked with novels. Although cleaning the home is a basic chore that all people must perform, there are specific housekeeping necessities that require periodic attention to protect the home. Whether a homeowner protects a floor from stains or a sink from water damage, these tips offer a look at potential problems that can be avoided with diligent care.

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Tip #1: Drain The Hot Water Heater
The hot water heater holds water at all times for hot showers and dishwashers. Filled with minerals, water can eventually corrode the inside of the heater, causing cracks and potentially damaging floods. Each year, drain the water heater using a hose attached to its spigot. Allow the water to flow to a nearby sink or outside drain. The draining process removes some of the corroding minerals, effectively prolonging the life of the heater.

Tip #2: Trim Those Bushes
A well-maintained yard includes periodic trimming for a neat appearance. Evaluate the home and trim any plants, especially bushes, that cover the home’s windows. Residents should have a clear view out to the yard to keep the property safe from criminals. Overgrown plants also provide a hiding place for criminals as well. Keep the plants trimmed to avoid any surprise guests on the porch.

Tip #3: Seal The Hardwood
Gorgeous, hardwood floors contribute to the home’s value, lending a traditional look to a modern space. These floors must be cared for with specialized sealers to maintain the wood’s quality. Allowing the wood to remain bare invites deterioration and damage over time. Residents may find that the hardwood needs a complete removal and replacement process to rejuvenate the space. Use sealers designed specifically for the wood type, and apply them as instructed by the manufacturer.

Tip #4: Clean The Flue
A romantic fire in the fireplace may turn dangerous if the flue is clogged or dirty. Chimney fires can occur if residents do not care for the system. Once a year, preferably during the spring or summer, contact a chimney specialist to completely clean the flue. When fall and winter arrive, the home is ready for a warm, but safe, fire.

Tip #5: Disinfect The Kitchen Counter
Cleaning or chopping meat on the kitchen counter leaves bacteria behind. If raw foods, like lettuce, contact the surface, residents may become ill. Use bleach, or other disinfectant, to fully clean the counter and avoid food borne illness.

Tip #6: Organize Under Sinks
Although cleaning under the sink does not seem like a protective action for the home, it allows residents to inspect the plumbing under sinks for any water damage. Slow water leaks contribute to mold and mildew buildup, effectively making the home toxic with bacteria. Removing clutter and cleaning under the sink allows residents to find leaks quickly, repairing them before any severe issues occur.

Tip #7: Vacuum Mattresses
Avoid a bed bug infestation by vacuuming the mattresses at least twice a year. Remove the top mattress and vacuum all crevices. A bed bug infestation is a difficult pest to remove.

Tip #8: Remove Clutter Around Vents
Prolong the life of the heating and cooling system by removing items blocking air vents. Any blockages may cause the machine to break down, requiring expensive repairs.

Tip #9: Remove Leaves From Roof
Using a broom, careful sweep leaves from the roof. Once clean, inspect the roof for any possible leaks, including cracks and missing shingles. A small leak into the attic can potentially damage ceilings and stored items. Call a professional if the roof is too difficult to reach for overall safety.

Home protection doesn’t always have to be about keeping burglars out. These nine tips will help prevent potential problems and keep your home in style.

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Angel Pena is owner of Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT Alarm Security company based in Miami, FL. He enjoys sharing tips on home improvement and security.

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9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home
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9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home
9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home
9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home
9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home
9 Housekeeping Tips To Protect Your Home

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